Potluck makes you fat

Potluck party for a 2-year-old birthday girl!

My dinner consisted of:

1. A packet of chicken rice
2. A slice of BBQ Chicken pizza
3. 4 mini donuts from J. Co
4. A slice of banana cake (the major guilt)
5. An otah
6. An egg tart
7. One small kueh
8. Almond jelly with longan for dessert
9. A slice of ice-cream cake cause it was a party for the birthday girl

Omg listing this out, I can’t believe I ate so much HAHAHA OMG A NORMAL GIRL WILL BE FRIGHTENED by my appetite 😦 I wonder how many extra calories I consumed… but it’s alright, because food is great and food is love. HAHAHA. A great feast again tonight, can’t wait already 😀


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