Live your life, Make Your Mark

I haven’t been blogging about significant events because I’m simply too busy eating and watching dramas LOL

1. Dim Sum with family
I was like dragged awake at 9am on a wonderful Saturday morning crankily to go have “dim sum” at Red Star and rightaway I was like “wOoOoOoOw LUCKILY I DIDN’T HAVE SUPPER YESTERDAY” HAHAHA

Not much pictures taken because I was busy looking out for 流沙包, most (with my face?) are in my sister’s camera because iPhone 5 camera > Blackberry 5MP camera. I’ll update if I feel like it hehehe

2. AudioMob
This was an event that Higher Productions came to our school to promote- I remember being an idiot and going “Huh but $5 very expensive leh… 你也不是不知道我在省钱”. Went ahead with it anyway, since many classmates were going, plus NCC people HAHAHA.

Then it turned out one by one people lost their tickets/cannot make it/had something else… left with Yujie & I, Yixin & Jiawen, and the rest of the guys who went by themselves HAHA.

The girls company for the night, combined because most of us were pangseh-ed by other people HAHA.

Basically we were given this 58-minute MP3 which we had to download beforehand, and as an entire audio mob we started the MP3 at 6.30pm LOL. We were required to bring earphones of course 🙂 So there were components like “FREEZE IN YOUR FAVOURITE SUPERHERO POSITION!” “Blow your bubbles!” “Put your thumbs in the air!” “Float slowly!” HAHAHA so the whole Orchard Road was like staring at this bunch of siao ginas. Oooh and there was Gangnam Style as well and everybody just horse-danced along while walking LOL super cool!

Along the way we were instructed to take out our umbrellas and hold them up even though it wasn’t raining- and I was so lazy plus sweaty (eeeyuck) so I didn’t bother. Then one random guy was like “You don’t have an umbrella? Let’s share!” and he held it over my head. LOL FREAKING NICE GESTURE even though it’s a stranger woah hahaha :-))) It was quite pleasant and I didn’t dare to open my bag in case he finds out that my umbrella is actually inside LOL. Oh and there’s also this book exchange- I gave away my Newsweek and I got a DBS organiser in return…? FILLED WITH MATH WORKINGS HAHAHA.

We walked from Paragon to Fort Canning Park while the music was playing- it didn’t feel all that long because we were doing all sorts of crazy stuff along the way. But it was really really hot and humid and I was sweaty and sticky and EEEEEEEW WHY DIDN’T I BRING A TOWEL LOL. Seriously I was perspiring like nuts my fringe was all wet and EEEYUCK MY FACE WAS THUNDERBOOM RAINING 😦

When we reached Fort Canning Park I kept still for like 15minutes LOL DIDN’T WANT TO PERSPIRE ANY FURTHER. Then finally cooled down after a while to enjoy the rest of the night 🙂

There was this component whereby markers were being passed around to jot down our wishes on a balloon and then everyone sent it up flying at the same time. It’s something like “Let your dreams fly” and I thought that was rather meaningful 🙂

Kinda upset how the group photo with the AudioMob board wasn’t up on their Facebook page mmm :/

Afterwards we (actually, I wanted) left because I couldn’t stand my shoes in that muddy environment HAHA hence we didn’t rock the rest of the night away oops

And we went for dessert at Fruit Paradise! 🙂 One fruit tart is like $8 after GST/SVC and I was like ouch ouch ouch that’s your 1 hour pay Yixin. But it was nice la and you only live once so.

That concluded the night yesterday! 🙂 It was a great night, and well some calories burnt instead of rotting at home? 😀

3. Mahjong
For some reason, I got hooked onto Viwawa’s Wahjong recently… along with my brother. Then we decided to play with the real table!

So after a century, the mahjong table got dragged out of the storeroom HAHAHA. Taught my cousin how to play omg and now 4 of us have been playing like mad. I’m kinda addicted oooops it’s okay this is advance training for my 太太生活 next time! 😀 Actually I don’t really think that’s possible, but no harm dreaming 😀 Just that I’ll become really fat (and round) cause all I do is move my hands, my arms, and then eat eat eat on the chair, eat, eat, eat more, take more food, eat more.

I cannot imagine my thighs even bigger liao leh it’s like so huge already how to become bigger?

Anyway HAHAHA I didn’t know my house still has mahjong tiles LOL next time can invite friends over to play at my house woohoooo don’t need to play with the pathetically small cube tiles anymore HAHAHA.

There was this funny round though: 1. Brother 吃错牌, 2. Cousin 少一牌, 3. I 多一牌. So since 3 of us couldn’t 胡 anymore we just threw away all our tiles in accordance to my sister, who was the only one that could win HAHAHA. Then in the end she self draw what the shit. Okay mahjong terms HAHAHA

4. Dramas
Seriously living at the top of my life woohoo

I finished To The Beautiful You, and I would say it was much better than Dream High LOL although I’m the only one saying this. It kept me glued a lot more, maybe because Minho really looks good HAHAHA I WASN’T THAT MUCH ATTACHED TO 2pm in Dream High LOL.

Anyway yeah now onto my next drama, Full House woohoo the dramas I watch are getting older and older HAHAHA FULL HOUSE WAS LIKE 2004? Omg I was innocently in Primary 2 please! 😀 It didn’t feel very 2004 until I saw Rain whip out his handphone HAHAHA OMG. It’s so amazing how handphones change so much in 8 years omg, even my non-camera dinosaur phone is better than those phones in the drama…

Time to continue my dramas, train up on my floorball basic exercises… (virgin friendly tomorrow!) and maybe go for a run if possible! Sian why are we going Legoland on Thursday 😦 bad clash of dates…


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