Legoland Malaysia

So yeah woohooo I made a visit to Legoland Malaysia with the family 🙂 It was in the planning for quite a while- and since my Taiwan’s trip cancelled it became confirmed hahaha. I was really really hyped up- probably because it’s been a really really long time since I visited an amusement park, and I missed roller coasters so much. I read reviews that the rides wouldn’t be thrilling, but I guess the place will probably be beautiful enough to compensate HAHA.

At the entrance of Legoland Malaysia! There were many many people queuing for tickets, probably locals I guess? (as in Malaysians)

Well this is weird but we had KFC for lunch LOL since fast food differs in every country. They have what Colonel Burger, Alaskan Fish Burger (?? in Singapore: Shrooms/OR Fillet/Zinger?) They probably just title it differently hahaha Colonel Burger tasted like OR Fillet Burger.

So we whacked all the rides first there were slight thrill rides, and I think that The Dragon was probably the most fun? But most rides are catered to children so there aren’t really rides that make your heart jump out of your mouth hahahaha. There were water rides as well but it’s just one fast drop most of the time and that’s all.

One of the more fun rides… cause there was this steep drop LOL and that’s all 😛

And there’s this area (Lego Kingdom?) with Lego sculptures of places all around the world. Most significantly was Singapore’s skyline, it was the first thing I saw because of the Singapore Flyer LOL damn eye-catching. The CBD skyline I guess- with The Fullerton Hotel? 😀 We camwhored quite a bit there cause it was really pretty.

Singapore behind me… in lego blocks HAHA.

There’s this place for little children to play as well- like playground kinda thing LOL with everything built out of lego blocks.

Acting cute with the lion sculpture HAHAHA.

So we took the lame rides as well- including this stupid ride that requires you to pump pump pump the vehicle and put out the fire in the building LOL (IT’S JUST A PICTURE OF THE FLAME) but the queue was like 5 minutes so AIYA GO AHEAD HAHAHA.

Queuing with little children LOL I swear there weren’t many teenagers around 😀

Taking picture with the lego fire engine and a hose HAHAHA. I thought water would come out of it but in the end the tap was just endless spinning…

And a last shot before we went back home! Spent a total of about 6 hours at Legoland? Just queuing for the rides, taking pictures and everything. Time flies when you are having fun, of course.

Unfortunately I had to miss a friendly game for this- which means my skills get even worse when I’m already so cui. I’ll just have to work harder, since I suck at balls so much. Sigh.

Great trip overall, slept really well that night I guess 🙂 I was pretty dead by the time I got home hahaha. I would recommend this trip, cause it’s a really nice getaway from Singapore 😀 It feels good to be out of civilisation for a while, furthermore it’s like visiting a theme park overseas!

I think I’ll return to this place in a few years time? 😀 Cause most rides aren’t open yet. Also, they are still constructing the Legoland Hotel right beside the theme park hahaha. This place was in the middle of nowhere, hence there’s still a lot a lot of land for expansion (Geography knowledge yo), so it will probably become bigger as the years go by 😀 I can’t wait to see how much it will change the next time I visit, hahaha. I do wonder how much my life will have changed then, too.


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