SMTown Singapore 2012

Oh yeah, have I mentioned that I’m going to SHINee World Concert II in December? LOL I saved up for quite a while since September omg, skipping lunch as much as I can and eating at home most of the time so I don’t have to spend my own money 🙂

I don’t know why I ended up in fandom again- I missed SHINee World Concert I cause I simply didn’t care, and ignored the whole craze LOL. But suddenly I saw news about SHINee World Concert II some time in September- and it was like “Okay no matter what, I must go.” Hence I started saving $$$ even though I’m not really a crazy fangirl anymore LOL.

SMTown was tempting as well- I wanted to see SNSD, Super Junior, f(x)… all those idols of the 2008-2010 generation LOL. So I thought of finding last minute tickets like SS2 back in June 2010, hoping that maybe I might have a chance to watch the concert cheaply?

And yes I got it 😀 It wasn’t a good seat (good zone bad row), but I guess the price’s rather reasonable…? Originally $221, bought it at $75, deal secured at 4.30pm LOL 2 hours before the concert :S

Afterwards Chenxi and my sister secured another deal- and Chenxi’s cousin managed to find a seat as well, hence all 4 of us ended up going to the concert 😀 Just that all of us were seated differently. I was in the light green zone, and they were all in dark blue, so in other words I was enjoying the concert alone LOL I DIDN’T CARE, I was so so so happy I managed to get such a cheap deal 😀

Well, I was really quite far no doubt LOL LIKE WATCHING NDP 😦 small figures.

Originally when I reached my seat, my feelings were like wts no wonder it’s so cheap LOL WATCH ANTS. From where I was sitting, each person was like 2cm or something omg. But the moment SHINee came out, NO REGRETS AT ALL HAHAHA especially when they headed to the stage in the centre. Omg they performed Lucifer and I started crying HAHA Juliette and Love Like Oxygen as well. Notably, their old songs (i.e. when I was still in fandom). Holy crap it all came back- it was the first time after 4 years watching them perform live, it has always been my dream to watch them perform live seriously. Omg how does it feel to have your dream come true? HAHAHA. It’s a group you have followed for so long, their activities, reality shows, performances, photoshoots, interviews… it felt so.. surreal? Jonghyun… was damn hot LOL.

I was tearing so hard as I sang along to their songs it was so embarrassing. Furthermore I was sitting between an auntie and a little boy (free tickets I guess- they didn’t know the groups at all) they literally sat back and enjoyed the concert. More than half the concert I was on the edge of my seat screaming so hard, singing so loudly LOL I GUESS THEY WERE PRETTY ANNOYED WITH ME. I sound like a freaking obsessed girl that doesn’t have a life out of fandom or something but I don’t think people out of the KPop scene can get how fangirls feel- it’s like FINALLY SEEING THEM NO JOKE. NOT THROUGH A COMPUTER SCREEN, not through a TV screen…. you’re seeing them dance and perform in real. You’re listening to the real music. Their voices. IT’S THEM, IT’S REAL. LOL can things ever be better? 😀

I heard that the girl that got serenaded by ChangKyu was an ex-RVian omg so lucky LOLOL my sister said she was tearing then cause… it was so sweet HAHAHA. Sigh she was singing along and everything… envious much? LOL. Hopefully there won’t be such a thing during SHINee World Concert II or I’ll go mad watching 😦

After that it was raining and many people started to leave (-__-), so I pretended to follow the dispersing crowd and moved all the way to the front to watch LOLOL but there were only 2-3 songs left by then :/ Didn’t get to watch Sherlock upclose HAHA sian. Should have moved in front earlier why was I so innocent and nice zzz there were probably empty seats in front that I didn’t know of :/

After the concert LOL we had a really really hard time looking for one another after the concert because there were just too many people! Somemore both their phone batteries went flat and we had to rely on that one location we agreed on- Esplanade bus stop. LOL really too reliant on technology.

Took the last train home, knocked into a guy’s SNSD fanboard while running for the last train LOLOL I hope I didn’t spoil it HAHA.

After all these concerts I’ve been to (since 2008), I guess I’d never regret spending a single cent on them 🙂 It’s just like buying in-game prepaid cards, that feeling of satisfaction and happiness can never compare to anything else. And the tears of joy I shed so much during the concert, it’s all worth it hahaha. I really really love concerts cause they are memories I will always remember. Definitely looking forward to SHINee World II Concert on December 8 (reminds me of how Onew corrected the translator/Jonghyun? HAHAHA), it’ll be this motivation that pulls me through COC 😀 Jiayou jiayou!!!

Once again feel really guilty for missing Floorball team bonding just for this- sigh. When I already suck so much. I keep getting reminded of how sucky I am zzz effort effort effort.


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