COC Week 2

Day 10 of COC down!

It is definitely passing by much faster than I thought it would. This week has been really fun- apart from NLP on Tuesday which was well… just a sales talk to me LOL. Syndicate 3 has really gotten much closer, and I do hope that the politics aren’t coming out yet 😦

Just a recall of events,

Monday: First Aid + PT
Tuesday: Neuro Linguistics Prog (which was quite fun, because we were passing notes and everything)
Wednesday: Personal Grooming
Thursday: Situational Tests + IMT (damn fun :D)
Friday: MOI + Live Range (even more fun omg)

Notable events:

1. I got Marksman HAHAHA.
Omg I got 8/24 for Shooting Competition last year, and I was seriously pleasantly surprised when I got 20/24 for IMT HEHEHE. AND WELL, 21/24 FOR LIVE RANGE TODAY. First 5 magazines full marks LOL I only died at the last one by getting 3/6 cause it was unsupported and I was starting to tremble. BUT STILL, 21/24. MARKSWOMAN FINALLY πŸ˜€

2. I taught Gangnam Style for MOI.
I mean, you could choose whatever topics you want. So today, I learnt how to tie a tie (FINALLY OMG), how to tie bootlaces in 3 different ways, how to polish No.4 boots… and the rest were drills. So I decided to be cool and teach Gangnam Style cause I’m pretty sure no one would be able to doze off during the song πŸ™‚

3. New commandant visited us today.
Sir Rahmat went “EVERYONE WAYANG MODE ON OKAY” then Syndicate 4 started cheering “WAYANG! HERE WE GO OOOH OOOH” HAHAHAHAHA omg damn funny (inside joke)

4. My LCM book became my COC Diary.
Singapore-20121207-02222 - Copy
During NLP HAHAHA omg we were writing bullshit on one another’s books… and well I was very well Dr. Love on Jiawei’s book, giving her love advice HAHAHA.

Singapore-20121207-02223 - Copy

Singapore-20121207-02225 - Copy
Drawing stuff because I was so bored during full day lectures omg.

Singapore-20121207-02226 - Copy
DURING FIRST AID LECTURE LOL copying the shape of the heart HAHAHA. The instructors and slides were pretty nice though, but I couldn’t help but to be bored. At least I didn’t doze off though πŸ˜€ It was a good lecture!

Singapore-20121207-02220 - Copy
BATTLESHIPS WITH JAYFAE HAHAHA. After live range omg because we were the first detail to finish LOLOL. SMILEY FACE = JAE’S SHIPS HAHAHAHA. We were getting so entertained omg “LIKE DON’T HAVE LEH HOW” “AW DAMN…. NO!” HAHAHA RETARDED OMG. Oh and I won HEHEHEHE HAHAHAHA because I put all my ships together hehehe damn evil πŸ˜€

5. I acted as Farmer Mary for my skit LOL.
Feeling highly embarrassed about this line “Sorry I get a bit emotional about this.” HAHA

6. I am now a certified First-Aider .
It was like a 4 hours crash course and suddenly we know how to conduct CPR LOL.

Singapore-20121207-02215 - Copy

At the end of Week 2,

COC is freaking freaking fun and I’ll never ever regret signing up, even for a single bit πŸ™‚ All the transportation and early mornings, preparing of uniforms everything. It’s all worth it of course! πŸ˜€ I don’t dread a single day of the course at all hahaha, unlike the first day LOL. In fact I’m feeling pretty upset now that there’s only 5 days to the end of the course, technically 3 days since 2 days will be taken up to train for the parade. CAN’T WAIT for Monday, Flying Fox here I come againnnnnn I HAVE MISSED YOU FOR THREE YEARS.

It’s 10pm now, time to leave house and queue overnight for SHINee World Concert II, something I’ve been counting down to for so long omg. It has been my motivation throughout COC, and now it’s here. Judge me for queuing overnight LOL there’s no way I’m gonna pay $241 to stand at the back. Time is money but aiya whatever LOL even though there’s already like 300 people queuing I guess?

Hopefully I’ll have a good night’s sleep there LOL.


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