62nd Cadet Officer Course POP

Day 15 is over! And that means the end of 3 long really short weeks šŸ˜¦

I still remember reporting on the first day and judging all the cadet officers right away LOL OOPS. The moment they started scolding us I was like “Oh god cadet life I don’t miss you as much as I thought I did…” but now I really miss it! Getting scolded together, doing saikang together, doing bullshit together, all these elements of cadet life, are the things I miss the most šŸ˜€

Syndicate 3 has been really really awesome, and it feels so sad to part because I know there’ll never be a day with full strength anymore.

This week has been really slack and that’s the problem LOL. First two days of the week were the adventure stations and lectures, and parade rehearsals started on Wednesday night! That was when we (RV kids) started staying in šŸ˜€ I must say I’ve been really lucky all week. Parade commander selections have been bothering me since last week and everyday I find myself marching around the house with an umbrella, stupidly shouting commands until 11pm just to practise LOL. I didn’t harbour any hopes because there were 6 people for the selections and I was the only girl- I was just a stupid small fry compared to everyone else. Anyway I got lucky and pushed up to Parade 2IC. Damn damn lucky. Thankfully Haran got well, sigh. Thank you Haran for teaching me how to command and all the sword drills when I barely knew a shit šŸ˜€

During rehearsals I didn’t really feel the anxiety because people would correct you if you made mistakes- but I started getting really nervous when I saw guests streaming in… LOL ESPECIALLY on the march to the upper parade square omg. My heart was beating like mad HAHAHA. Then to hell with it I screwed up my very first footdrill/sword drill HAHAHA SHALL NOT STATE HERE SO I CAN FORGET IN 10 YEARS TIME.

And the first command goes out. I was told that when I commanded, they were still camwhoring wts nice… I’m totally ostracised from the rest šŸ˜¦

PC + P2IC for the night! Hehehe šŸ™‚

Saluting the Parade Commander to handover the parade LOL DAMN IT MY SWORD DRILLS REALLY SUCK. I can’t stand looking at Ryan Oh’s face seriously HAHAHA WHAT THE “I can’t stand your face so I look at your sword and your sword was trembling” BOOOOOOOO.

After that all the parade proceedings (speeches and everything, CONGRATULATIONS MUGHILAN WOOHOOO)… and taking of award LOL. Damn it sia I forgot to salute, that’s the biggest major screw up you can ever make omg everyone is reminding me almost every moment. “Wah seh HP NG officer big liao don’t need salute” “The GOH getting ready to salute already then saw you never salute then clench his fist again” OMG I FEEL SO BAD LIKE DISRESPECTFUL + SCREW UP + everyone’s gonna laugh at me and omg everything. I’m so sad OMG this is the worst screw up šŸ˜¦ Sorry GOH šŸ˜¦

Anyway afterwards it was the donning of ranks! šŸ˜€

Dad helped me don my new rank hehehe!

An individual picture with my sword (one of the only pictures it’s straight omg).

With my family who came down!

I didn’t get to take much pictures with Syndicate 3 because of my position right in front of Syndicate 1, and I barely knew anyone there omg. I’m still pretty upset about it booo…… why didn’t I run over T_T no one told me you could run around in sedia position!

RV shot after the ceremony~

After that the parade ended and we marched off to return arms, before lining up in twos for the post parade proceedings HAHAHA. That was where my voice died after the Cadet Officers’ Creed šŸ˜¦ (causing my sore throat now omg). Why did I shout so hard HAHAHA WALAOOOO SACRIFICE MUCH.

With the syndicate award! I never knew there was going to be a booklet around and man it’s pretty embarrassing x_x

No link: But here’s a picture of everyone in different skirts HAHAHA. I’m wearing the Nan Hua skirt HAHAHA. Nice picture šŸ˜€ “YES SIR!” HAHAHA.

Thank you to my family, especially my sister and cousin, for pangseh-ing your friends for dinner and rushing down after work respectively šŸ˜€
Thank you to Delta ’12 (Yenting Huimin Jieling Jiawen) for coming down to support us! Along with the roses and chocolates hehehe although I can’t consume them now because my body is falling apart…
Thank you to Charlie ’12 (Adeline Silei Qiuting Wanting, and Liying HAHA) for your cards and chocolate bars, similarly I can’t consume them now HAHA.
Thank you everyone who wished me happy POP through SMS, or at least was nice enough to remember this event šŸ™‚
Thank you to the “NPCC gang”, although I know you all are not coming down to support me specially HAHA.
Thank you to whoever came alone just to see me march, HAHA. I really appreciate it!
Thank you to whoever came down to support me indirectly! HAHA šŸ˜€

And most importantly, thank you Rangers (Syndicate 3) for the past 3 weeks. Like what Mughilan said, the past 3 weeks would never have been possible without all the inside jokes, laughters, how we could get high without anything, how we could stay awake in full day lectures just by talking to each other!

I love NCC. I really do :’)


One thought on “62nd Cadet Officer Course POP

  1. F.R.

    Hi Huiping, what a beautiful post! This rekindled my memories of being a Cadet Officer back then. I passed out from the 53rd intake, the last intake that passed out as Cadet Lieutenants before the change in the rank system. Do the graduates still recite the creed? I cannot seem to find it anywhere now.


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