I have been on my feet

1. Exercise Thunder Warrior long-awaited outing

At the airport on the last day, I remember we mentioned “When will be the next time we meet up again?” and Pey was like “After Os after Os!!!” LOL AND ALL OF US WERE LIKE THAT’S DAMN FAR. But now that you look back, now that passed really quickly :/

So I went late that day cause I had stuff that morning… to a surprise. Jae is such a scheming child she created a “LEYIN’S BIRTHDAY” group for us to discuss about Leyin’s birthday surprise LOL.

and cool(ly) enough it looks like there was probably another WhatsApp group probably titled “HUIPING’S BIRTHDAY” for me as well LOL. It was a celebration for both of us HAHAHA.

So in the end the cake was to celebrate the birthdays of the December babies! It was damn good, chocolate cheesecake HAHAHA. I can die in bliss, every bite was oh holy god 😀 And omg I really hate my huge arms, I don’t even know if it’s muscle or fats or rojak.

The 7 of us had lunch before going Christmas shopping around, which was a pure disaster for me because I have absolutely no idea what to get for platoon’s Christmas exchange 😦 The 3 of them had hauls though, and the guys went Toys ‘R’ Us to burn time while waiting for the girls (to finish queuing up for the fitting room) hahahaha.

Group photo before the day ended! Pretty sad that there’s only 7 out of the 13 cadets who went, but it’s been almost a year and oh well people drift apart… Let’s hope there will be more the next time! 🙂 Would really love to relive the Exercise Thunder Warrior memories all over again. I will always think of it as the best overseas experience in my life thus far hahaha.

Oh and I look really old (or I would prefer to call it mature) in that photo 😦 probably my shirt, shall wear that whenever I need to look old (AM STILL 15 YAY). Thank you Fay for the photos!

2. Impromptu syndicate outing

I was supposed to wake up at like 8am today to prepare and reach Jurong East by 9am to go swimming with the syndicate. My brother said Jurong East Swimming Complex is a cool place to play around so I was kinda looking forward to it. But unfortunately the pig in my head got the better of me and I decided to “laze in bed a while before getting up” which resulted me in sleeping all the way till 9.30am. And by the time I woke up they were already at the swimming complex 😦

Decided not to go in the end cause I saw my swimsuit from Sunday hanging to dry LOL. Fate fate fate. In the end I went for lunch at West Mall with the group that didn’t swim 🙂

After lunch they went for Bowling at Bukit Batok CSC- I didn’t bowl because I’m desperately saving up money for Christmas presents omg.

Group shot at the bowling alley after they completed 2 games!

Afterwards Fay joined us for Frolick (which I didn’t have again- stingyng1996) where we took this nice photo yay. Thank you Heng Kiat for the photos!

I will be out for the next 2 days again- and my throat isn’t terrible anymore but it isn’t recovering fully 😦 Hope I’ll wake up fine tomorrow, body please be strong enough to fight this! May I have enough time to finish buying my Christmas presents and decorating my Christmas cards 🙂 Looking forward to the platoon gift exchange already, especially the cool dinner hohoho we hardly have cool dinners at cool places! 😀


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