Delta ’12 Annual Gift Exchange

Sorry to say such a terrible thing- but I’ve been going out so much recently I don’t remember when I’m been home anymore omg.


It’s the season to be jolly! So corny but hehehe. These are my envelopes for my cards HAHAHA NOT MY CARDS I’M NOT SO EVIL… Past 2 days have been spent at home decorating my cards like a loser HAHAHA but I can’t upload the pictures of my beautiful artwork because everyone gets the same design and I don’t know if I’m making anymore for anyone else LOL.

Yesterday was Delta ’12 annual gift exchange hehe! But unfortunately the people who turned up reduced from last year 😦 I hope we’d be spending New Year’s Eve together as well, and of course let there be another platoon celebration for Christmas 2013 🙂

Dress code for the night was a freaking dress so I went mad flipping my wardrobe for a DRESS LOL. Going out with Delta ’12 was always the easiest to dress up for- it was always the clothes at the top at the closet HAHAHA. BUT NO OMG I had to think so hard for the whole day LOL. So I consulted a home-based wardrobe expert HAHAHA who is the expert at flipping out the cupboard… then the niceme1996 will place it back nicely…

and then we headed to Novena for Ssikkek Korean BBQ buffet! I swear I starved myself from lunch just to eat at my maximum capacity hahahaha. That was midway through our meals already I believe.

After that we started gift exchanging at 10pm hehehe…

I GOT TROLLED LIKE LAST YEAR AGAIN 😦 But it’s okay 😀 THANKS PLATOONMATES for the gifts hehehe really love them!

A final group shot before leaving the restaurant…

Was strutting around in like 3 inch heels yesterday SO I WAS TALLER THAN HUIMIN YENTING JIAWEI HAHAHAHA OMG walking with so much swag when you’re taller my goodness. I wish I was born to be taller! 😦

Looking forward to spending Christmas Eve tonight with Rangers yayyyyyyy, awesome people make the world go round! Then I’ll have another birthday buffet tomorrow with my family omg. I love my life… LOL.


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