All my days were happy just like a snowy Christmas

My birthday this year is beyond great- I enjoyed myself so much these few days hahaha, I really owe the world LOL. I guess I had one of the best celebrations for both Christmas and my birthday this year, either that or I’ve forgotten how lucky I had been the past few years πŸ™‚ Shall state the notable events…

1. Fats (the 2010 groupchat)

It was a random lunch after getting blocked on Twitter (wow wow), but I didn’t expect so much food HAHAHA. It was quite a cool time catching up with them- omg the years do pass fast… Randomly remembered the encounter at Just Acia LOL.

Wheeee my log cake HAHAHA couldn’t finish it so I brought it home ooops

Group picture at Frolick yay

Thanks Peng Ning and Kim Yao for acting like it’s just a dumb lunch (“unless he has other plans”) at food court- which resulted in me wearing trash (you don’t wear a dress to food court, do you?). Thanks for the lunch treat where I was fed like a pig, cake and birthday present! It definitely came as a pleasant surprise πŸ˜€

2. Rangers Christmas outing

We totally spent the whole night together- starting from dinner at Marina, then slacking around SCAPE/Cineleisure…. where I played pool for the first time after I turned 16! HAHAHA finally can show people my ez-link to prove that I’m 16 omg.

P1100389 - Copy
The failed countdown at Cineleisure, where the emcee’s watch was lagging by 2 minutes LOL. I was terribly underdressed compared to the girls- most of them were decked in dresses and heels omg such a loser in shorts HAHAHA. I get sick of dresses too quickly booo.

Oh and I’m not trying to be an ego idiot but a stranger asked me for my number for the first time! HAHA omg my sister said “Wah Huiping you should be happy because it means you still got market.” AISEH NO NEED TO WORRY ABOUT BEING UNMARRIED ANYMORE HAHAHA. Okay but in the end I didn’t give cause it was too awkward oops.

P1100427 - Copy
A group shot outside where we played pool! We played till their closing LOL we were the 2nd last group to leave the place πŸ™‚

Afterwards it was around 2am+ so we went to Starbucks right outside Cineleisure to hobo the rest of the night (or morning?) away- where we played cards till 6am+ before I went home. It was such a fun day hahaha and I finally leant how to play Taiti from Jiele πŸ˜€

I guess I was supposed to reach home at around 2am+ but oh well LOL I thought I’d be cabbing home with my sister. In the end we just saved the money and took the first train home, 58cents yo HAHAHA.

Thanks Rangers for the gifts and cards, I don’t know how much y’all spent T_T but thanks a lot. Really appreciate all the efforts from the bottom of my heart hahaha omg the pop-up card was so damn cool- and thanks Chu for the drawing on the envelope LOL ART ZAI LOR~

And Yixin, I love your Red Velvet and Oreo cupcakes, please marry me and bake for me everyday.

3. Birthday buffet at Irodori

fb1 - Copy
I exploded after the dinner- I looked like I was wearing a maternity dress because I swear I looked like I had a baby. Japanese buffets never get old hehehe I wonder why I love Japanese food so much. I seriously can eat endlessly HAHAHA. Thanks Dad for paying for the family yay.

Afterwards there was the customary cake cutting session at home πŸ˜€

P1100527 - Copy
There is always a family photo every single birthday celebration hehehe.

I swear I made my New Year wishes in advance HAHAHA but I can’t wait to celebrate New Year’s Eve with lovely Delta ’12 yay. So many options that everyone’s dao-ing me on WhatsApp T_T no matter what I want to be outside during New Year’s Eve, I like the atmosphere of everyone ushering in the new year together hehe.

Re-uploaded from Facebook: but once again I need to show my appreciation to the world hahaha.

P1100546 - Copy
Thanks family and friends for celebrating this special occasion with me, I guess Christmas 2012 has been very fulfilling and enjoyable for me, much more than the past years. Thank you for everyone who wished me through SMS, I haven’t seen a double-digit number for both pending SMS and WhatsApp for such a long time until yesterday LOL. Unfortunately I was on my phone most of the night cause of terrible Last Seen LOL had to reply everyone or else it would seem like I’m ignoring people bleh.

Oh and class allocation is out. Christmas gift from the school LOL. I’m looking forward to the next 2 years with 5S? HAHA. 1C 2C 3G 4G 5S and hopefully 6S? My RV life is passing really quickly omg.

I know I’m truly blessed when I can go to sleep smiling, and wake up in the morning smiling too πŸ˜€ I’m finally 16!


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