Maritime Experiential Museum

We had free tickets from the last time at Legoland, so we decided to just go hehehe. Dad sent us into Resort World Sentosa so that 3 of us didn’t have to pay the $3 entrance fee, omg clever or clever HAHAHA.

Wearing trash because I only had 5 minutes to prepare and I insisted on bathing 😦

IMG-20121229-WA002 (2)
Camwhoring while waiting for the cousin woohoo

So we went in. To be honest we didn’t expect much cause it was only $5 for a normal adult entry anyway, but aiya just go since it’s free HAHAHA.

Whatever cool stuff we took with that day~ There’s more I guess but the lazy sister is not sending it to me 🙂

The coolest thing there was the different curry variations all over the world- my favourite has got to be the Hainanese one CAUSE I JUST ATE IT FOR LUNCH YESTERDAY HAHAHA. Omg breaded pork is my weakness 😦 LOL I hate the fact that I love fatty meat so much but hehehe that’s why I look like a fatty meat too~

That was quite a nice day out at least- better than sitting at home accumulating fats. And I played Mahjong with my siblings + cousin till like 2.30am??? HAHAHA. AND WOKE UP THIS MORNING TO PLAY TOO. My family is addicted HAHAHA. I’m getting better yayyy. But also because sister and I will be starting school on the 2nd of January 😦 Once JC starts I wouldn’t have time to 吃碰胡 anymore nooooo.


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