I shall try to blog differently from 2011’s conclusion, but then again Chinese song lyrics are too cheesy and totally apt for blog titles HAHAHA.

Okay so against what I thought, I actually set New Year Resolutions (I know it’s protected yay) at Marina Barrage last year while waiting for the failed countdown, so…

I hope my studies will go well, hope I’ll be able to get my dream combination.
I hope 4G will be led by awesome chairpersons 🙂
I hope RVNCC (G) will get Gold (or maybe bonus? No need Top Girls’ unit, one of the top 就可以了)
I hope I’ll stop emo-ing, don’t cry as much as I did in 2011 ):
I hope Part As will be the best that they can be and in this short time as their PC, I hope I can make them enthusiastic about NCC, love NCC, and I hope no one will quit at the end of Year 2, no one will hate it, … … (too much excess information HAHA)
I hope that I will enjoy 2012 as much as I enjoyed 2011, and I will have a sweet sixteen 🙂

Okay sorry for such a spoiler LOL too many private wishes- mostly about my family and friends (I hope xxx gets a girlfriend etc) HAHAHA. Most of them including my private wishes came true I guess, unsure about some but oh well! I’m thankful for such a great year.

So first, I’ve been a legless bird (没有脚的小鸟) this year!

I went to New Zealand, Cambodia, Australia and Malaysia…? HAHA. That’s many countries travelled considering that I’m still attending school within a regular academic year.

Best trip has got to be ICEP Thunder Warrior (i.e. New Zealand)! Until now the fond memories from January still ring in my head. Someone asked me what ICEP I would like to go to if I had a chance again, and despite all the (possibly) better trips out there (eg. USA UK Germany), I will definitely return to New Zealand again 🙂

This picture has been repeated millions of times, but I will always be thankful for this opportunity to go White Water Rafting, possibly the only time in my life 🙂

Cambodia was a wonderful experience too, especially the letter I received after 6 months. I appreciate the thought by the teachers 😀 It was in a private post I guess- but it’s cool how things changed from March to September. “By the time you receive this, you would have stepped down from RVNCC and your life would have changed a bit……” It seemed as if I was scolding myself in the later parts of the letter, but it was a really unique experience. To be honest I admit I’m a privileged girl (I even find chalet toilets disgusting), but I could actually tolerate the bathing facilities in Cambodia, bathing with frogs and mozzies in pails and everything. Let’s not elaborate more on the fact that I washed my face with gray water- I wonder if my face actually got dirtier after the bath.

Before the wonderful cruise ride with KFC on board heh, will always remember the flies around all the lights 🙂

Australia was totally a luck trip HAHA. I don’t know if I ever mentioned this, but I was truly lucky. I wasn’t even expected to get Full Exemption in the first place, I guess many were against it as well? I mean all day long I’ve been going nuts about getting 80 marks for Geography/Chemistry etc so that I would qualify for Partial Exemption… Shall not elaborate more cause it’s quite a sensitive topic heh. Anyway I’m thankful to RV for the opportunity, and disregarding all these hot news about travel agencies now I’m glad that RV encourages students to go on overseas immersion trips. Despite all the academic stress I guess these are the bonuses that keeps me going.

The skyline of Australia is really beautiful at night, too 🙂

As much as I mentioned I had been a slacker along my academic year, I didn’t know I was such a mugger at times too LOL. I was reading through past MSN message histories dated in March or April…. whereby someone asked me “are you going to sleep soon?” and my reply was terribly “nope, gonna read up on Physics” or something. It wasn’t even test period, as far as I can remember. Woah that’s such an ultra mugger I’m afraid of myself LOL.

Second, my NCC life renewed itself!

I think I found the perfect word for it. One moment you just ROD-ed (October 29) and the next moment you find yourself attending a NCC course (November 26). I remember passing by Jieling on the day we were supposed to submit our forms, and then I had decided that I was not going to attend COC. Thanks to many people, especially Sarah, who were trying real hard to convince me that it’s a better choice for me, changing my decision in the end. It’s yet another turning point in my NCC life!

The course in itself wasn’t that interesting most of the time. Sister asked me what was the most memorable part of the course, and my marksman struck me (heh). Thinking deeper it’s probably the parade, and how thankful I am to hold the role of the Parade 2IC. I’m sorry to the entire parade for my 982749385 screw ups, I was too nervous I guess. But I tried my best! 🙂 Thank you to everyone who encouraged me along the way, who ATTEMPTED to teach me how to command with my diaphragm, who taught me how to enunciate certain words, who taught me sword drills because I’m one of the only non-supernumeraries for the selections. Thank you for allowing such a small fry like me make it to the role 🙂

After high elements in the canteen, it’s so unfortunate that the picture is out of focus 😦

Parade rehearsals with the super BHB/GL Parade Commander hahaha. I’m thankful I’m sword saluting to someone I know though, it would be more awkward if it’s someone I barely know.

Most importantly, I would like to thank the company for the 3 weeks. In the canteen and everything, even though we are in senang diri position we are actually entertaining each other… HAHAHA. And all the passing of booklets during the NLP talks and everything, definitely got to know many more new people in NCC 🙂 I don’t think the 3 weeks would have been bearable without everyone. Like Joshua said, “Rangers is the only reason why I wake up everyday”. Midway through the course we simply wanted to give up, but at least we know there are 44 others suffering with us! I’m thankful for all the inside jokes during the course like FF #1/#2/#3, just die, Khairu etc HAHAHA. The presence of everyone definitely makes it a lot more fun 🙂

I am once again thankful to Delta ’12 for giving me such a wholesome experience in RVNCC, I just wished there would be a day we could fall in together and drill together again 🙂 I remember how there was someone who owed pumpings back in Part B and everyone joined in together, returning excess pumpings on the wet track and shouting at the top of our lungs even though we didn’t need to. It’s these memories that I remember most, and none of us outside the NCC room raging at each other because of foiled activity plans. Once again, I am sorry for causing you guys to knock 50 pumpings behind the grandstand back in Part A, because it was my fault heh. Let these memories stay with us, and even though we may drift apart in the near future, I hope we will still make an effort to meet up for our annual gatherings and outings 🙂

This is a really nice picture, it can’t be overused HAHAHA. Delta ’12 🙂

Bravo ’12 was the biggest challenge in my NCC life I guess- with the revised CCAC system there was absolutely nothing you could do to make people stay. I mean seriously, who would find doing drills and PT everyday interesting? :S Hence I’m thankful for those who stayed, who continued to put in effort despite the boring activity plans, who became more enthusiastic about NCC in their Part B life 😀 Nothing makes you happier than seeing your cadets do well in NCC, or even surpass your standard. The feeling is really unexplainable when your cadets give good (!!!) honest feedback during after activity review. I guess this would be one of the longest timelines in 2012, being in charge of the Part Bs 🙂 Thank you for the year! All the best to the Part C specialists of 2013 once again! I know they are definitely in good hands heh.

With the Part Bs! 🙂

Third, I spent a lot of quality time with my family!

Thank you to my family for paying so much for my trips and sending me off every single time I go overseas. This sounds terribly corny but my family is the reason why I look forward to going home every single day. Home, is not just a place for me to stay. It’s also where I derive happiness, where I find comfort, where I seek solace in. I’m glad to be so close to my siblings (and cousin!) because they are always really encouraging about my wild decisions, despite the increasing frequency of me being away from home. I feel thankful to the world for blessing me with such wonderful siblings and such a wonderful family 🙂

When my sister still looks different at the start of the year- sending me off for ICEP Thunder Warrior heh.

I’ve eaten so much in this year I deserve to be obese, and I’m definitely thankful to siblings who can drive, thankful that siblings know of places in Singapore that I haven’t heard of! I went to places like Kim’s Family Restaurant, Udders, famous hawker centres, which are all away from the heartland malls! I know I’m getting fatter… I’LL GO ON A STRICT DIET SOON! 😀

One of the pictures with my siblings eating like a boss hehehe.

I’m thankful for the times my brother would pick me up after school and we would venture to places like Yishun (when I’m still in my school uniform!), Tiong Bahru to have dessert, Bishan to watch soccer etc. I’m glad that my family are made up of mostly owls and we would enjoy night life together and everything. Also, we would just make a trip to Clementi Mall to walk around aimlessly, visit NTUC and make fun of the groceries LOL whenever we’re bored at home with itchy feet 🙂 I’m also thankful to the WhatsApp group conversations with my siblings and cousin that get too funny when I’m in class. Seriously, the retardedness runs in the family HAHAHA. I’m such a troll because of my brother! Even though all 3 of us were #foreveralone at the start of the year, it’s different now… and I sincerely hope that they will last hehe. I want an awesome sister-in-law and brother-in-law! 🙂

Hello my family and siblings if you see this, I love you all from the bottom of my heart 🙂 I hope we’ll always be close in the years ahead, and continue acting stupid despite our ages… 17, 21 and 27 LOL THAT SOUNDS TERRIBLY OLD if you’re describing to someone about your family.

Part of my sister’s 2013 resolution: “And also my family and closed ones to be healthy and happy as well! That’s really all.” Yeah, may my family and closed ones always be in good health, especially my parents 🙂 May they always remain healthy and happy in the years to come as well!

Fourth, thank you to everyone who helped me survive this academic year!

Special thanks goes to my tablemate of (almost) 2 years, Sarah woohoo. Once again thank you for encouraging me to go for COC because your words were one of the largest pushes for me to sign up for the course! Also, thanks for waking me up during classes when I’m NOT supposed to be sleeping 😦 I’m thankful for all your scribbles and how you would keep notes for me after classes without any selfish thoughts at all… I don’t think I’m as dedicated as you, copying down all the notes just for me (in Chinese lectures as well!!!) Thanks so much for all your sacrifices for me and may you be happy in the 2 years ahead 🙂 You’d do well lady! Remain strong because you’re really really very emotionally strong, and I really respect that side of you 🙂

IMG-20120214-02231 - Copy
During Valentines’ Day 2012, time has passed so quick omg I have almost forgotten the existence of this picture 🙂

Thank you 4G for the craziest lessons this year, it’s unfortunate how we’ll never attend another lesson together again, but thank you for always bearing my annoying text messages, thank you for supporting me in this 🙂 Thank you to all the classmates who have been by my side, cheering me up and everything HAHAH. Once again, the only reason why you would actually look forward to school would be your friends, and thanks 4G for making my dreadful walk into class every morning bearable all these while!

With our wonderful class decorations heheh with our form teachers!

Thank you to the awesome teachers I had this year, your dedication keeps me looking forward to class! Particularly teachers that have taken us for two years, Mr Chen and Ms Loh, I’m glad these teachers decided to stay on with our class to continue teaching 😀 Even though my academic results may be terrible to some people, but without the effort of my teachers with constant make-up lessons and consultation sessions, I would never have made it to my GPA in this tiring and stressful year.

Last… are significant events that don’t belong anywhere.

I’m glad to have went for SM Town Singapore and SHINee World Concert II Singapore. Even though I’m broke for a few months as a result of these concerts, they will never be a regret because I think tears of happiness are really precious heh. I haven’t had tears of happiness since 2 years ago (yeah) and the feeling is really great, because it’s an experience you will remember for life. Thank you to the concert-goers, namely my dear sister and Gong, I hope we can attend the future SHINee World Concert III together, and to my sister, I hope we’ll always have this periodic fandom period, where we will chase the stars for a while and go back to regular life out of fandom again hehehe.

Rainy shot after SM Town Singapore heh, it was so crowded, thank god my phone still had battery to survive the last few shots HAHAHA.

Also, I’m glad that I wasn’t tempted to play with fire in 2012, because that’s what made my life really fulfilling in this entire year. I never knew how strong I could be though, this year showed me how emotionally strong I actually am. Thinking back, it’s been crazy for me, and I’m glad to have survived it all.

I’m much happier during my birthday in 2012 as compared to 2011, and that is because of everyone who specially helped me celebrate my birthday! Yes, I receive only one present instead of two, but I’m definitely not complaining because in return I get people who remember my birthday not by the Facebook calendar 🙂 Thank you to everyone who made a special effort to wish me on the dot, to specially get me presents and write me birthday cards. I really appreciate the special thoughts by all of you 🙂

My annual family shot with the cake hehehe! Getting fatter every year oops.

This sounds like a farewell letter, but indeed, it’s a tribute to such a wonderful year 😀 I must say 2012 has been real great, I’m not sure if it has been better than 2011 but I truly enjoyed the years of my upper secondary school life. Not to be negative but it’s been such a great year I don’t think the next few years can compare, but I’m definitely content with my happy and simple life 🙂

366 days ago, I was still at VivoCity waiting for the countdown with my platoonmates, squeezing in Marina Barrage and raging one another all the way home because of the failed countdown. 366 days later, I’m home typing this to conclude the entire year since then. So many new things have happened, so many new relationships have emerged (and ended :/), so many additions and changes to my life, so many life-changing decisions I have made. All in all, I’m thankful for this wonderful ride throughout the entire year, and despite all the setbacks that I may potentially face, I’m ready to take on the challenges of another new year, a fresh start to my school life. I’ll try my best to do well in Year 5, and not get a U grade as much as possible 🙂 Goodbye 2012, you have been extremely wonderful!

I’m ready for 2013!


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