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Angel Part II

Part II: because 5S has already done this once and well, Annie’s my previous angel πŸ˜€

Thank you for the foolscap pad, my angel! It’s gonna come in handy with our endless tutorials πŸ™‚

Will be leaving school damn early (i.e. 10.30am) for IMT on Wednesday, and notably I’m going to miss PW and Econs Tutorial 😦 To be honest, I have no qualms about missing PW because we are merely (still) exploring the different thinking tools for GI at this point in time- but the upcoming Econs tutorial will cover the fundamentals of writing an essay and I’m going to be largely disadvantaged without all that :/

I hope I won’t regret signing up for IMT! Bleah, this is part and parcel of being a cadet officer I guess hahaha.

Let’s go HP, work harder!


Time is a merciless bitch.

Crude title, for the lack of a better word.

I was following someone’s blog all the way to page 45 (unfortunately, not page 45 of my notes), and honestly the contents tickled me a fair bit.

Not long ago, the only questions I posed to myself were: “how to hunt 2300 cursed dolls” “when can I bring my handphone to school” “when will Mom stop forcing me take the school bus”

With the progression of time, my mind echoes of: “is love enough to sustain a marriage?” “where can GCME bring me to?” “is passion or practicality more important?”

When I was much younger I only had to cry to capture my parents’ attention. It doesn’t work that easily for anything, anyone, anymore.

Recent events have caused me to bear thoughts that love (what a complex word), isn’t at all enough to stand for anything. There is really so much more to factor in- and perhaps I may only truly understand 10 years down the road. I do wonder though, when will be the next encounter with that word again. (mmm)

Time can show you how much- or rather, how little you mean to someone.

Time-space Convergence

Today was pretty eventful hehehe.

Was about to take a nap until I received a phone call from the sister-

“I lost my phone…”

So the first instinct in me was to be a nicesister1996 and ask her to get home first since there was nothing much she could do- let’s put aside the fact that she was sobbing badly over the phone HAHA omg she said “I cried as if I lost in a desert.” HAHAHA

Okay anyway we love technology because..

find my iphone
That was it. Twitter! and then I suddenly remembered, Find My iPhone??? THAT BLACKBERRY DOESN’T HAVE? Thank god my sister got an iPhone 5 which has Find my iPhone as one of its default Apps, or else she can kiss goodbye to her phone forever LOL.

And thank god for the iPad at home + I have my sister’s Apple ID HAHAHA. Searched for her phone and PLAYED SOUND and put it in LOST MODE and everything.

IMG_0059 - Copy
1 minute later someone called right back! That was damn fast hahaha it went Online mode right away!

And you can even track that it’s at SMU HAHAHA damn cool omg.

Sister came home shortly to the shock that her phone has been found (and placed at the security guard post of a school she doesn’t belong to), and she left the house right again HAHAHA. And this was the screen when my sister got it back! (after travelling home from SMU and back again).

IMG-20130123-WA002 - Copy
Technology is wonderful πŸ™‚ Oh and I’ll probably get an iPhone next because I’m so amazed by this function. And oh well, good samaritans πŸ™‚ To the person who found the phone, you’ll be blessed! πŸ˜€

And guess why she couldn’t find her phone even though she searched the toilet (where she misplaced it) 1000 times. It was on a shelf, too high to be seen. LOL. HI GUYS I’LL PROBABLY NOT FIND IT EITHER. Why, why are we so short. Why am I so short.


I was a cute child HAHAHA oh well still cute obviously πŸ˜€ But it seems as if my eyes/pupils are smaller now 😦

This is pretty random but…

IMG-20130119-02412 - Copy
I was digging up my old books for notes when I found this jacket/windbreaker- in its original packaging LOL. Stuck on all my patches and wahaha it’s actually quite pretty! It was given to all of us (with a nametag) during Space Academy Programme yay. I probably thought it was too gay to wear 2 years ago, but now I’m finding it so pretty (and special because only 6SAS has it LOL). Shall start using it more instead of my orange NCC windbreaker- I spoilt the zipper of that in OELP Australia omg my hands were too frozen to do anything right LOL.


I haven’t blogged in about a week omg.

Anyway the week’s been really hectic (both in a good and bad way) for me- but that’s really awesome because the week passed so damn quickly HAHA. Every single day I’d be looking forward to the next πŸ™‚

Tuesday: Company dinner

platoon dinner
It was a nice time catching up (duh)!!! Every single time we meet up it seems like it’s been a really really long time since the last, HAHA. I don’t know how many times I’ve repeated this, but I sincerely wish we would still constantly meet up for dinners! The chat topics were really cool, talking about ourselves in 10 years time and everything HAHAHA. Unfortunately there was still school the next day hence we couldn’t stay too late 😦 Photo credits to Choo.

Wednesday: RV Anniversary

The day was okay with RV’s history and everything- until it reached the Simulcast. I guess I should consider myself unfortunate for belonging to one of the later classes (5A to 5G in Auditorium, I’m in 5S), hence I didn’t even get to watch the performances. We had to watch through simultaneous casting, which was kinda pointless sorry. I totally feel the school spirit when the other half of my level is in a different venue.

And I guess the bento set from the school was really disappointing- and I kinda don’t understand why the juniors had nicer bento sets than us. At least standardise the food across the entire school? I see people having some cool chicken and my goodness I can’t believe I’m jealous of people with better food. RV has truly brought out the meaning of “There is no free lunch in this world.” booo.

Day was better towards the end though- meeting up with primary school friends for dinner πŸ™‚ Ate at Ajisen LOL.

66 dinner
Even though most of us had school the next day, we hobo-ed around Clementi till 11pm because we refused to go home HAHA. My bed time was supposed to be at 11pm! It’s alright though, because it’s worth it πŸ˜€ I should be thankful that our chat topics are not evolving that much yet, it’s still mostly relatable to all of us hehe.

My primary school mates are such pros LOL getting single-digit raw scores and having such pro Chinese scores 😦 Sometimes I can’t believe that we were once in the same class. It’s quite astonishing to recall that at a point in time, all of us were seated in the same classroom sitting through the same examinations HAHA. Time has passed us by! It’s been 5 years since Primary 6 oh my god.

Can’t wait for the next meet up! Hope there’d be more people then. Photo credits to Daniel!

Thursday: Sending off Exercise Thunder Warrior 2013

Most importantly, we wanted to send our well-wishes to our hosts from the previous year, as well as Noel. Unfortunately only 6 of us turned up. I guess it’s inevitable to lose contact with the entire group since all of us do not belong to the same district. Furthermore, 11 days probably weren’t enough to bond the all of us. Nevertheless, I’d always remember the trip as one of the best overseas experiences in my life πŸ˜€

Had a lot of work and stuff to memorise that day but I insisted on travelling to the other end to Singapore for this. I’d probably die in my Right Word test today, but nevermind it’s alright there will be another chance to make up for it!

Group picture of people who turned up, most of us came down directly from school. I went home to charge my phone though HAHAH knowing it won’t survive through the night oops. Photo credits to Fay πŸ˜€


TGIF hehe I’ve been waiting for you all week! But I guess since I’ve been enjoying myself all week, it’d be a busy weekend catching up on all the work I missed. Thank you to everyone around me for the great week πŸ™‚ It’s only Week 2 of 2013 hehehe and it’s been amazing I guess. The stress of JC life hasn’t really sunk in yet, not that I’m looking forward to it though. I’d survive through it all no matter what!

I was looking through my Twitter Archives and realising how much my online language has changed from 2009,

September 2009: “muscle ache. Must b the ice n freeze ystd. Play 15min only leh. Lastime cn go on 1h lo ! Nub liao”
September 2010: “can those extra fats in my eyelids go somewhr else instead so i can have double eyelids ? :{”
September 2011: “chiong pressure liao after i understnad fully hopefully i can do the assignment by 5am and finish by 6am and prep for sch :D”
September 2012: “waa need to kill my internet when the playback bar buffers slower than snails noooooo”

There isn’t much of a change- I’m still pretty gay online HAHA. My tweets in 2011 were full of mugging my goodness that explains my awesome grades in the past LOL what happened man! Some of the emotional streaks on Twitter I had throughout my life scare me a little though. I truly wonder how terrible I felt when I released all those inner feelings on such a public platform. There’s so much angst and… wow I really do hope I won’t have to live through any of those phases again.

That concluded my week thus far, looking forward to tonight since the night is still young πŸ™‚

Clearing of trash

Before: (paiseh don’t have full body picture, this is from 2011)


P1100650 - Copy


IMG-20130112-02387 - Copy
Actually there’s a lot more but Mom was encouraging me to “θΏ™δΈͺ不要就丒!” x100000 SO HAHAHA I used a total of about 4 big plastic bags… and that’s only 2 in the picture πŸ˜€

Singapore-20130112-02380 - Copy
And so I arranged all my presents properly (from 2009) and these are the cards I have kept so far… lost some of them though, like the ones I mentioned before… and the ones from LCD Camp 2011. Hope I’ll find them soon! They mean quite a lot to me 😐

I found $46, my 2 years lost KBox Membership Card (finally omg), my boarding pass to Tokyo back in 2003, slips of paper telling me how “kind” “caring” “helpful” I am back in Primary 3, my first set of green earrings, a CD containing my Beijing 2007 photos, many many more that I don’t remember LOL…

I never knew my cupboard could contain so much rubbish HAHA. 3/4 of everything is gone- the original picture doesn’t do justice to the amount of rubbish inside :< The 1st and 2nd rows of my cupboard were much more horrible LOL.

Glad to have cleaned it up, but I'm in hot soup because I have not done my tutorials boooo gotta work extra hard tomorrow. At least I cleaned it up yayyy finally! Next stop: my terrible boxes HAHAHA

IMG-20130112-02382 - Copy
My working area is seriously unlike that of a girl 😦

Change-of-Command Ceremony

Yesterday was the Change-of-Command Parade Ceremony! It was so unfortunate because the weather was fine all the way until the actual parade itself (at 5pm), and then Cat 1 woohoo the red light comes on!


Omg the whole MPH was in uproar, afterwards was people scrambling to fall in and return arms. It’s so tragic because they have spent the last 3 days rehearsing, skipping lessons and so much just for this parade…

And it’s LTC Adrian Koh’s farewell parade!!! It’s so sad, it rained on his farewell parade! Like whyyyyyyyy why did the heavens play with us 😦 SM commented that it’s the first time he ever held a wet weather programme- shock much 😦

Thankfully I was only the emcee- which means I still have to do my job. I was roped in to replace the original one hahaha but it’s alright, a great experience! πŸ™‚ Not a very good one at that though, I don’t think emcee-ing is my expertise HAHAHA have been getting criticised since Wednesday oops.

So since I was pretty free most of the night it was mostly camwhoring HAHAHA.

P1100591 - Copy
We met Mr Chua! Omg Maam Qiaowei was like “do you see Mr Chua?” and I thought she was talking about some other staff, THEN IN THE END IT WAS MR CHUA KAH SHENG LOL. It was such a pleasant surprise and I was so tempted to ask him what he was here for- unfortunately I didn’t have the guts to. Took a picture with him at least! πŸ™‚

P1100639 - Copy
After so long- finally a photo with SM hahaha. Together with 62nd! πŸ™‚

P1100640 - Copy
62nd Rangers, with Ryan Oh acting cute behind oh my god.

So that was quite a pretty cool experience- AND ONCE AGAIN, THE FIRST WET WEATHER PROGRAMME IN 10 YEARS 😦