New Year Countdown to 2013

I’ve spent the past 3 days in bliss I guess, starting with Sentosa outing with my dear Rangers, followed by the countdown to 2013 with Delta πŸ™‚

Sentosa was great, I think it’s one of the best experiences I’ve had at Sentosa apart from Jay Park’s fan meet!

A group picture at the beach!!! This was either Team 1 or Team A (I forgot HAHAHA), we were playing Captains’ Ball in the water omg. I played that for the first time omg chasing after the ball on sand is terribly painful sometimes, and I failed terribly as the captain compared to like… KAILUN? DUDE I’M 30CM SHORTER LOL. But it was quite fun πŸ˜€

I’m thankful for the day and the company, even though my face got a little sunburnt (wow surprise), I think it was an extremely enjoyable day heh. Not mentioning how everyone YOLO YOLO YOLO and we ended up walking all the way from Beach Station to VivoCity after that insane session at the beach woah. These are memories I know I will remember hehe πŸ™‚

Countdown to 2013 was damn fun heheh, Yixin Huimin couldn’t make it last minute so Jieling and I were the only girls, and thank god I asked Weihan Waiyuin Jiajun Presley along or else we would have been so lonely HAHAHA.

Watched CZ12 with them at Tiong Bahru, and surprisingly it was quite a nice show hehehe we were quite entertained throughout- and Jiawei was surprised that I didn’t fall asleep during the movie HAHAHA. Not bad! Afterwards we made our way to Marina Square (hehe), and had Carls’ Jr for dinner cause the queues for other places were too long and we kinda got too hungry walking around looking for food.

P1100550 - Copy
Took a picture at this Christmas tree yet again, HAHAHA the last time was with Rangers. But this tree’s really pretty I guess! πŸ™‚

We left promptly after dinner because Weihan wanted to find the best position to plant his tripod and shoot fireworks HAHAHA. So we were following him, walking all the way from Marina Square to Esplanade to somewhere beside the floating platform to the entrance of the floating platform to the Helix Bridge (blocked) to the ArtScience Museum omg. My feet were breaking together with Choo’s because we were trying to act cute by wearing heels yay.

So we found a good spot, sat down and squeezed through the crowd for a centre position woah. So it was just waiting till 12am for the countdown πŸ˜€ Finally got to shout 7 6 5 4 3 and then the fireworks came up at 3 walao no one cared about shouting 2 and 1 anymore LOL.

The fireworks display was for 8 minutes damn cool omg!!! Woah the last part was damn amazing it was like camera flash, it was so blinding hehehe and somemore my whole sky was filled with the fireworks because we were so near! πŸ™‚

Afterwards we stayed to camwhore and on our way back from the toilet we witnessed a proposal omg!!!! Choo Jiajun and I followed where the crowd was running and we saw this guy kneeling down with flowers :))) They looked damn young like early 20s only??? The girl agreed I think and the crowd cheered damn loudly hahaha, it’s so cool because I have never witnessed a public proposal πŸ˜€ Someone commented that now the guy will have no excuse to forget their anniversary HAHAHA.

I can’t stop spazzing about our background because we looked so photoshopped omg. I showed my whole family and my cousins and I still can’t stop showing it to others because it is so damn pretty hehehe. Thank Weihan and his tripod yayyyy damn fun to camwhore LOL.

We went back afterwards woohoo, it was such a great day hahaha. Great end to 2012, great start to 2013 πŸ™‚

Okay publishing this on the night of 1/1/2013 now and I’m feeling so terribly moody what the. I’m dreading school so much… much more than usual. Hopefully tomorrow will be better than expected. Let’s not mention the fact that I have yet to start on a single piece of homework. School mode totally on now, I’ll have to work hard to fulfil my New Year Resolutions. Please let everything go well in 2013.


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