Year 5 Initiation

It was a short 3-day affair which I dreaded very much at the start BECAUSE IT MEANS GOING TO SCHOOL BLEH. As far as I remember, the Amazing Man was pretty fun, the station activities were quite interesting HAHAHA. There was this one activity they taped two caps together facing each other and you had to make the person from the other class laugh! The moment Zhi Xun got into the cap I burst out laughing.

Seriously I can’t do it HAHAHA I suck at holding back my laughter very much.

Then there was planning in the class bonding time too- we had pizza for class lunch on the 2nd day! I called Canadian Pizza to order and the guy over the phone was like “I need your full name because there are 8 other orders from your school.” LOL SIAO HAHAHA. Shall upload the pictures as soon as I get it hahaha forgot whose phone it was in! 😐

Class lunch at the 5S class table! Heh.

This was our class crest in the short 30minute we were given to paint! Our Jar of Dreams was really pretty too, but I forgot to take a shot of it 😦

IMG-20130104-02342 - Copy
I think it’s really cool how the word goes on and on and on but there’s gonna be trouble when people ask for our class name next time HAHAHA it’s really long omg!

Mass dance was fun- and it’s even more cool how they ended the whole initiation off LOL. Let’s try to explain: We were given a ticket with a serial number special to us… and this was mine!

Singapore-20130106-02352 - Copy
So what was exciting was that we had to find our assigned partner with only the difference in the “L”, the guy would be holding the “R” card. It was initially really messy and I was kinda afraid I’d get a weird partner… LOL.

Anyway I ended up with someone I know yet I didn’t know hehehe (know him by name I guess), but I’m quite thankful at least it’s not a complete stranger! πŸ˜€

It was called Omega closure- and there were many fun and interesting activities that required volunteers and everything heh. So cool, it was pretty fun I guess πŸ™‚ The teachers and facilitators ended the day off with sparkling juice and snacks that 5S won through the inter-house game show on the 2nd day HAHA.

I’m really happy about 5S now, and with our extremely active WhatsApp class group I’m pretty certain this class would be really really bonded in the future πŸ™‚ Let’s see in 2 years time!


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