Feeling terribly inferior

That’s just me growing up HAHAHA I wonder if anyone else has such a cute secret stash of their passport photos. I look so terrible in most of them man passport photos really bring out the worst in you.

Primary 5 was probably my worst year- I look so dishevelled my god like a maid :S

Today was collection of O Level results… and congratulations to all my friends who have done well! 🙂 especially those who have made it to your dream courses/schools.

For myself I only have Higher Chinese so I shan’t complain much… but haiz. Initially I was really pleased with my results because I expected something like a D7, I seriously screwed up most parts of the paper. 综合填空 I probably got like 6/20 which isn’t very beautiful like wow.

However I stupidly went to compare my results with everyone else and…. they’re all having A2s or at least a B3 and I’m like what… B4?

“What you get?” “B4.” “HUH?”

These lines keep ringing in my head all over and over again. I feel so embarrassed that I come from a Chinese-speaking family. I did try pretty hard 😐 Nevermind at least it’s still a B I guess…? Unsure of whether I’ll be retaking, what are the odds I’ll do better anyway. Sigh pretty much sucks to suck at your languages. Feeling so sorry to 陈老师 and 4G haiz.


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