Change-of-Command Ceremony

Yesterday was the Change-of-Command Parade Ceremony! It was so unfortunate because the weather was fine all the way until the actual parade itself (at 5pm), and then Cat 1 woohoo the red light comes on!


Omg the whole MPH was in uproar, afterwards was people scrambling to fall in and return arms. It’s so tragic because they have spent the last 3 days rehearsing, skipping lessons and so much just for this parade…

And it’s LTC Adrian Koh’s farewell parade!!! It’s so sad, it rained on his farewell parade! Like whyyyyyyyy why did the heavens play with us 😦 SM commented that it’s the first time he ever held a wet weather programme- shock much 😦

Thankfully I was only the emcee- which means I still have to do my job. I was roped in to replace the original one hahaha but it’s alright, a great experience! πŸ™‚ Not a very good one at that though, I don’t think emcee-ing is my expertise HAHAHA have been getting criticised since Wednesday oops.

So since I was pretty free most of the night it was mostly camwhoring HAHAHA.

P1100591 - Copy
We met Mr Chua! Omg Maam Qiaowei was like “do you see Mr Chua?” and I thought she was talking about some other staff, THEN IN THE END IT WAS MR CHUA KAH SHENG LOL. It was such a pleasant surprise and I was so tempted to ask him what he was here for- unfortunately I didn’t have the guts to. Took a picture with him at least! πŸ™‚

P1100639 - Copy
After so long- finally a photo with SM hahaha. Together with 62nd! πŸ™‚

P1100640 - Copy
62nd Rangers, with Ryan Oh acting cute behind oh my god.

So that was quite a pretty cool experience- AND ONCE AGAIN, THE FIRST WET WEATHER PROGRAMME IN 10 YEARS 😦


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