Clearing of trash

Before: (paiseh don’t have full body picture, this is from 2011)


P1100650 - Copy


IMG-20130112-02387 - Copy
Actually there’s a lot more but Mom was encouraging me to “这个不要就丢!” x100000 SO HAHAHA I used a total of about 4 big plastic bags… and that’s only 2 in the picture 😀

Singapore-20130112-02380 - Copy
And so I arranged all my presents properly (from 2009) and these are the cards I have kept so far… lost some of them though, like the ones I mentioned before… and the ones from LCD Camp 2011. Hope I’ll find them soon! They mean quite a lot to me 😐

I found $46, my 2 years lost KBox Membership Card (finally omg), my boarding pass to Tokyo back in 2003, slips of paper telling me how “kind” “caring” “helpful” I am back in Primary 3, my first set of green earrings, a CD containing my Beijing 2007 photos, many many more that I don’t remember LOL…

I never knew my cupboard could contain so much rubbish HAHA. 3/4 of everything is gone- the original picture doesn’t do justice to the amount of rubbish inside :< The 1st and 2nd rows of my cupboard were much more horrible LOL.

Glad to have cleaned it up, but I'm in hot soup because I have not done my tutorials boooo gotta work extra hard tomorrow. At least I cleaned it up yayyy finally! Next stop: my terrible boxes HAHAHA

IMG-20130112-02382 - Copy
My working area is seriously unlike that of a girl 😦


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