Time-space Convergence

Today was pretty eventful hehehe.

Was about to take a nap until I received a phone call from the sister-

“I lost my phone…”

So the first instinct in me was to be a nicesister1996 and ask her to get home first since there was nothing much she could do- let’s put aside the fact that she was sobbing badly over the phone HAHA omg she said “I cried as if I lost in a desert.” HAHAHA

Okay anyway we love technology because..

find my iphone
That was it. Twitter! and then I suddenly remembered, Find My iPhone??? THAT BLACKBERRY DOESN’T HAVE? Thank god my sister got an iPhone 5 which has Find my iPhone as one of its default Apps, or else she can kiss goodbye to her phone forever LOL.

And thank god for the iPad at home + I have my sister’s Apple ID HAHAHA. Searched for her phone and PLAYED SOUND and put it in LOST MODE and everything.

IMG_0059 - Copy
1 minute later someone called right back! That was damn fast hahaha it went Online mode right away!

And you can even track that it’s at SMU HAHAHA damn cool omg.

Sister came home shortly to the shock that her phone has been found (and placed at the security guard post of a school she doesn’t belong to), and she left the house right again HAHAHA. And this was the screen when my sister got it back! (after travelling home from SMU and back again).

IMG-20130123-WA002 - Copy
Technology is wonderful 🙂 Oh and I’ll probably get an iPhone next because I’m so amazed by this function. And oh well, good samaritans 🙂 To the person who found the phone, you’ll be blessed! 😀

And guess why she couldn’t find her phone even though she searched the toilet (where she misplaced it) 1000 times. It was on a shelf, too high to be seen. LOL. HI GUYS I’LL PROBABLY NOT FIND IT EITHER. Why, why are we so short. Why am I so short.


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