Time is a merciless bitch.

Crude title, for the lack of a better word.

I was following someone’s blog all the way to page 45 (unfortunately, not page 45 of my notes), and honestly the contents tickled me a fair bit.

Not long ago, the only questions I posed to myself were: “how to hunt 2300 cursed dolls” “when can I bring my handphone to school” “when will Mom stop forcing me take the school bus”

With the progression of time, my mind echoes of: “is love enough to sustain a marriage?” “where can GCME bring me to?” “is passion or practicality more important?”

When I was much younger I only had to cry to capture my parents’ attention. It doesn’t work that easily for anything, anyone, anymore.

Recent events have caused me to bear thoughts that love (what a complex word), isn’t at all enough to stand for anything. There is really so much more to factor in- and perhaps I may only truly understand 10 years down the road. I do wonder though, when will be the next encounter with that word again. (mmm)

Time can show you how much- or rather, how little you mean to someone.


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