Angel Part II

Part II: because 5S has already done this once and well, Annie’s my previous angel 😀

Thank you for the foolscap pad, my angel! It’s gonna come in handy with our endless tutorials 🙂

Will be leaving school damn early (i.e. 10.30am) for IMT on Wednesday, and notably I’m going to miss PW and Econs Tutorial 😦 To be honest, I have no qualms about missing PW because we are merely (still) exploring the different thinking tools for GI at this point in time- but the upcoming Econs tutorial will cover the fundamentals of writing an essay and I’m going to be largely disadvantaged without all that :/

I hope I won’t regret signing up for IMT! Bleah, this is part and parcel of being a cadet officer I guess hahaha.

Let’s go HP, work harder!


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