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During today’s interview I learnt something new about myself, that is I know I won’t dabble in politics in the future πŸ™‚

It was a pretty heated discussion for an hour and I don’t think this is the type of career I foresee myself doing in the future.

And since I’m not made for it/it’s not made for me- I should just free the slot, yes?

I have a terrible habit. Making many impulse decisions lately, but none of them really materialise, do they?


Visit to OCS

Did I mention how many girls were brainwashed after OCS wahahaha Szemin kept asking me to sign on sign on sign on with her HAHAHA. She was really serious man- she stayed back after lessons to speak to male teachers about the army HAHAHA.

I believe every NCC cadet has once thought of an army career before- that includes females like me πŸ™‚ But I haven’t dared to actually seriously think about it, simply because…

1. Who’s going to marry you?
2. Being a man for the rest of your life?
3. Do you have better job prospects out there?
4. Do you fancy waking up at 5.30am everyday?
5. Tough training is ahead yo BMT is voluntarily if you’re a female.

We asked certain teachers the answer to question 1, and they were like “Army boy loh”, “That depends” etc HAHAHA. But really honestly at this age of 16 (yes still 16) I fear being single for the rest of my life HAHAHA. What if I can’t get married and I’ll have to stick with my parents forever? Is that worth turning into an armygirl? HAHAHA.

Regardless, I still have to work hard, and in these few years if I still don’t know what I want to do in the future, I think I’ll really end up joining the army. LOL.

Addicted to The Amazing Race China Rush 3! Let’s hope I’ll get a chance to take part after I turn 18/21 omg πŸ˜€ Even though it’s really really not easy to get selected, but no harm dreaming la HAHAHAHA. As for now it shall be my lifetime wish, at least I know I can apply for this all the way till I’m 60 or something HAHAHA. Sad because I’m going to finish watching Season 3 soon, and it has been my motivation for every single weekend 😦 Nevermind, it’s alright because there’s still Season 1 and 2. I love Asian renditions hehehe. Unfortunately The Amazing Race Asia is on permanent vacation 😦


Omg I’ve vanished from the WordPress domain for a while… mostly due to intense mugging for Geography wahaha.

I haven’t been so disciplined in awhile- and now I truly get what Ms Foo meant when she said that the time taken to study for Geography will equate to that studying for all the other subjects.

Either that I’m glad it’s over and I hope I’d do better for the 19 more 5%s in the future!

Today was really awesome for me- reached home at 4pm for a 3.5hours sleep all the way till 7.30pm, and then headed out for a swim at SPGG (the 2nd day in a row!). Feeling much healthier and refreshed hehehe. I’m starting to really love swimming even though I’ve been swimming since Sec 1 HAHA. My whole day is wasted though, and I should really mentally prepare myself for the 3 tests next week. Cut me some slack though, today was really intense mugging throughout the morning HAHA.

…and well, some advertising for myself:

Collages - Copy
HAHAHA corny slogan wasn’t thought by me, but corny slogans work the best woohoo.

Jia Wen and I are running for Red House Council. Not mainly because of portfolio (though admittedly, partially), but I’m pretty sure more improvements can be made to our house systems…?

So vote for us! HAHA.

δΊΊζ—₯ with Rangers

This is probably the last bit of my Chinese New Year- wah going overboard with the steamboats I’ve eaten I swear LOL. The one at Yixin’s house was the 4th one I had hehehe.

cny with rangers feb 17 '13 - Copy
Met late evening and transformed her house into a gambling den right away- I think her Dad was kinda shocked HAHAH crazy sia one group playing Mahjong, one group playing In Between and another group playing Taiti. Crazy omgggggggg look at my 6tai (ALMOST) win focus on the left, LOOK AT WHAT I’VE THROWN OUT omg. In the end I threw a winning tile to WaiYuin wt still need pay double omg. 6 TAI LEH OMG 6 TAI 6 TAI WHAT THE 😦

cny with rangers feb 17 '131 - Copy
Our steamboat + ι±Όη”Ÿ courtesy of Yixin’s family! Omg damn generous seriously I wonder how much Yixin’s family has spent on her friends over the past few weeks LOL. Thanks generous kid!

IMG-20130216-WA012 - Copy
Final picture taken at the CC (plus a polaroid!) before we left!

Yesterday was damn fun, thank you Yixin for hosting us once again, and I’m very thankful that I didn’t stay home to study Geography like a hardworking kid heh. I hope I don’t suffer the consequences of that, because there’s really so much content omg. First test of JC Geography, hope I don’t subduct under the tall mountains of content HAHAHA. and all the best to me for the next 2 weeks omg (4 tests in total). The crazy test period will end on March 1 woohooo! Awesomely on March 2 I have my sister’s 21st birthday celebration to look forward to, as well as FSD Preliminaries on the very same day! All the best to RVNCC (G + B), jiayou Part Bs 2012 hee πŸ™‚

4G Class Steamboat

Woooohoooo today marks the last steamboat of my Chinese New Year with my favourite 4G girls hehehe. Sorry to the guys for not extending the invitation to you all- I didn’t think I could fit an entire class into my house LOL. And it would be ridiculous to ask guys only (HAHA NO) so I asked the girls only πŸ™‚

steamboat feb 15 '13 - Copy
Ate like an ultrapig, let’s hope I don’t pile on too many kilograms!!!

Thanks for the time today guys, and thanks to my lovely Mom for sponsoring the entire steamboat food for like 18 people??? and not forgetting the red packets omg. My parents are the best hehehe. What I found out today morning served as a really strong reminder to me- I am really not cherishing what I have and taking things at status quo for granted. So, I sincerely thank you Mom and Dad, I love you! πŸ˜€


IMG-20130214-02567 - Copy
A present from Mrs Constance Tan once again, even though I dozed off in her class this morning from lack of sleep 😐 Sincerely apologetic!

Yeah I do look pretty miserable, this is what you get for being #foreveralone HAHA. Apart from a daisy (thanks Rahrah for the 2nd year) and chocolates (a hugeeee pack of Kit Kat thank you Angel/Ferrero Rocher from Han En :D) from my classmates, this year I really spent Valentines’ Day mugging omg.

I had been rushing work the entire day hahaha- kinda the worst day of the year thus far I guess, slept in almost all (except the last tutorial, whaaat) lectures today. Oh well, finally broke my streak?

Sorry guys that I didn’t make any Valentines’ gifts this year, because I really had no time yesterday (H2 Math is out to kill), but I’d compensate in one way or another! πŸ™‚

Everything’s out to distract you when you have to be task-oriented, and thus I shall be more disciplined than usual by getting out of this site! Shall blog again soon πŸ™‚

Excited for GP test to be over tomorrow, it’ll be a huge load off my mind and also- 4G girls steamboat! πŸ˜€ Sorry that I can’t invite the 4G guys, cause there are too many people and my house isn’t enough to accommodate so many 😐 still excited though, heh. It’ll be a great day tomorrow, I know!


Day 3 of Chinese New Year

Wow wow wow do you already feel the end of the holidays. Wednesday blues set in as soon as my brother hurled a huge pillow to wake me up early in the morning. It was like a slap in the face telling you “Hey dude wake up and by the way it’s your last day”. Haiz really, nobody wakes up before 10am on a holiday!

Dragged myself up though for good food- unfortunately I wasn’t feeling hungry from a late McDonalds dinner (or supper?) at 11pm. Sorry kids like us play Mahjong way too slowly HAHA.

prima feb 12 '13 - Copy
Camwhoring here and there because we have cameras LOL.

prima feb 12 '131 - Copy
Food at Prima! For some reason my family continually patronises Prima every single year- be it dimsum or their main set courses. Reason being they have faith in the quality of food in this restaurant, and the food looks really nice too πŸ˜€ First time trying out the ι±Όη”Ÿ though, but it definitely did not disappoint πŸ™‚ However the restaurant was in a rush to get food to every table today, so I guess the quality of the food was rather compromised- probably rushing out a lot of orders for the Chinese New Year crowd. That was quite upsetting for us, but fine with me since the food is still considerably good πŸ™‚

prima feb 12 '132 - Copy
Camwhoring after the food- was exploding after my last bowl of Honeydew Sago LOL. It’s not that I’m not a big eater (what lies) but I think the addition of the ι±Όη”Ÿ today filled everyone’s tummy before we even started on our lunch (early lunch I guess). Or perhaps the early morning appetite is just insufficient to consume all of our food hehe.

Family photo without my Dad because he went to the toilet HAHA. No prizes for guessing who’s the new face in the picture hehe!

I feel really sad that I’ve reached the end of the Chinese New Year school holidays, my goodness why is there school tomorrow. Thankfully it’s a Wednesday and awesome Wednesdays end at 2pm πŸ˜€ I have a lot of catching up to do for homework though, as usual. I guess I don’t ever learn my lesson after every Chinese New Year holiday, but no regrets because I know I have really enjoyed myself! πŸ™‚ This CNY was great, every single day was filled with activities, quality time with family and gambling (hehehe mahjong). AND OHYA I lost $12.20 yesterday, sister was a big winner by reeling red notes after red notes in MAhjong 😦 she won about $30 I guess? NO LONGER MY SISTER HAHAHA. Just kidding! Healthy gambling with family is the best because you know no matter what, the money goes back to a Ng anyway LOL.

Time to move on to sucky life though, have to get going to rush out my homework. Thank you 2013 for the awesome Chinese New Year, and everyone 蛇年快乐! Did this come a little too late? πŸ˜€

Oh and before I forget, I swear this is one of the best screen locks you can ever have. What a celebrity! HAHAHA πŸ˜€