Expensive Tour Guide II


The movie that kept me looking forward to TGIF all week: Ah Boys To Men 2 with sister + cousin after school!

At around 4pm we checked out the availability of seats of a 8.55pm show and my goodness the theatre was already half-occupied LOL. So we settled for the best seats we could at one of the most ulu theatre – GV Tiong Bahru HAHA.

And to satisfy my Pastamania craving since the start of time, we had to go all the way to Plaza Singapura to shut my mouth + tummy up hehehe

pastamania feb 1 '13 - Copy
My food looks the most unappetising- HAHAHA. But Dory Zuppa is still really good omg it kept me craving for so long hehehe. Sister ordered some Squid Ink thingo which was really expensive (and looked pretty weird, too) but it tasted really good!

Camwhoring on the MRT on the way back to Tiong Bahru like some act cute kia- don’t really like how my lips are curved because I look super act cute… but I guess it’s the nicest picture already LOL.

Afterwards just nice we made our way back just in time for the movie hehe

Shall not be a spoiler and leak the details of the movie- but to say the least it was really good. In fact I think it surpasses Part I of the movie, we were totally laughing our hearts out during most parts of the show hehehe. Army-themed movies are the best I swear, probably because I’m in NCC and I find them applicable πŸ™‚ Thankfully I’m in NCC hehe! Went home right after the movie: no brother means no car means no supper 😦


I spent early afternoon at my Uncle’s Grandson’s 滑月. Woah it was a crazy session of homework chionging in the morning because I was going to be occupied for the whole weekend! The baby was damn cute omg hehe (Jan 1 baby!) His face was even smaller than my palm omg so adorable… and it didn’t cry even once throughout the whole day! I love silent babies HAHA they get pretty annoying when they start crying… oops.

full month baby feb 2 '13 - Copy
I haven’t eaten red eggs in such a long time hahaha, wonder whose full-month celebration I’ll be going to next!

Afterwards I went to buy stuff for Yihan and her family, before leaving house again to meet them hehe. Walked to Sentosa with them and behaved like a tourist along with them πŸ™‚ with Jiawen, Weiting and Cathy! Cause Edina had to meet her friends aww 😦

On the way to Sentosa, the boardwalk LOL.

Taking the travelator there cause bus 11 can’t support my weight hehehe.

Ate at a damn atas restaurant again omg ): the first seafood restaurant that you see upon entering Sentosa. The guilt is tingling but I guess my brother said, when you go overseas you spend cash like it’s unlimited. True I guess..

IMG-20130202-02481 - Copy
Didn’t take more pictures of the food- but I guess it’s a standard 6-course meal? Really pricey 😦 I feel so guilty about it.

A group picture after that- aww haha looks really pretty! Yihan wanted to set this as her cover picture I guess, that’s why all of us were standing in a line!

Went to the beach at the request of her Mom and found out interesting news hehee, afterwards we went back to their hotel with them!

It sounds pretty short but I had a really good time with her family, laughing at dumb stuff and how they converse HAHA. Yihan’s a really blessed girl, I must say! Oh well, I’m blessed too. πŸ™‚


Went for swimming early in the morning and once again- a crazy session of homework rushing because it’s Yihan’s last full day in Singapore! Unfortunately, it had been raining for the whole day and they were unable to go shopping or anything wa curse the weather much? Sucks when you’re stuck in your hotel for the entire day LOL. Thankfully they were staying at Marina Bay Sands, so at least they could go shopping outside hahaha.

Had dinner with Jia Wen in the evening and scooted off to find them at their hotel!

At the balcony of the Marina Bay Sands hotel! To be honest it didn’t provide a really scenic view from the 7th floor, and Ritz Carlton rooms are prettier I guess…? It just looks good on the outside I guess, on the inside it’s like any other ordinary hotel πŸ™‚

Afterwards we walked around with Yihan Outside ArtScience Museum! Walked around Marina Bay Sands with her because it was getting late and we had school the next day 😦 Bade farewell to Yihan and her family at 10.30pm. It’s so sad hahaha, the past few days had been really enjoyable. Although it was tiring, it’s all worth it.

They left yesterday afternoon! Hopefully not for good, would love to go to Taiwan soon though πŸ˜€ This time, they will be the ones hosting us!

I think it’s really cool how you have friends overseas… I’ll make sure to form a strong friendship with anyone I meet overseas from now on! I remember how Yihan mentioned “δΈΊδ½ θ€Œζ₯ηš„!” so nice of her hahaha. It feels like a long distance relationship in a way LOL- it can be maintained if two parties put in the effort. πŸ™‚

Thankful for this experience of being a tour guide- I hope I’d be able to host my overseas acquaintances if they ever come πŸ™‚ Time to start working hard for school again, before the long break for Chinese New Year! I’m so excited for Thursday, it marks the start to my 3 consecutive steamboat dinners hehe. Let’s go!


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