Omg I’ve vanished from the WordPress domain for a while… mostly due to intense mugging for Geography wahaha.

I haven’t been so disciplined in awhile- and now I truly get what Ms Foo meant when she said that the time taken to study for Geography will equate to that studying for all the other subjects.

Either that I’m glad it’s over and I hope I’d do better for the 19 more 5%s in the future!

Today was really awesome for me- reached home at 4pm for a 3.5hours sleep all the way till 7.30pm, and then headed out for a swim at SPGG (the 2nd day in a row!). Feeling much healthier and refreshed hehehe. I’m starting to really love swimming even though I’ve been swimming since Sec 1 HAHA. My whole day is wasted though, and I should really mentally prepare myself for the 3 tests next week. Cut me some slack though, today was really intense mugging throughout the morning HAHA.

…and well, some advertising for myself:

Collages - Copy
HAHAHA corny slogan wasn’t thought by me, but corny slogans work the best woohoo.

Jia Wen and I are running for Red House Council. Not mainly because of portfolio (though admittedly, partially), but I’m pretty sure more improvements can be made to our house systems…?

So vote for us! HAHA.


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