Visit to OCS

Did I mention how many girls were brainwashed after OCS wahahaha Szemin kept asking me to sign on sign on sign on with her HAHAHA. She was really serious man- she stayed back after lessons to speak to male teachers about the army HAHAHA.

I believe every NCC cadet has once thought of an army career before- that includes females like me 🙂 But I haven’t dared to actually seriously think about it, simply because…

1. Who’s going to marry you?
2. Being a man for the rest of your life?
3. Do you have better job prospects out there?
4. Do you fancy waking up at 5.30am everyday?
5. Tough training is ahead yo BMT is voluntarily if you’re a female.

We asked certain teachers the answer to question 1, and they were like “Army boy loh”, “That depends” etc HAHAHA. But really honestly at this age of 16 (yes still 16) I fear being single for the rest of my life HAHAHA. What if I can’t get married and I’ll have to stick with my parents forever? Is that worth turning into an armygirl? HAHAHA.

Regardless, I still have to work hard, and in these few years if I still don’t know what I want to do in the future, I think I’ll really end up joining the army. LOL.

Addicted to The Amazing Race China Rush 3! Let’s hope I’ll get a chance to take part after I turn 18/21 omg 😀 Even though it’s really really not easy to get selected, but no harm dreaming la HAHAHAHA. As for now it shall be my lifetime wish, at least I know I can apply for this all the way till I’m 60 or something HAHAHA. Sad because I’m going to finish watching Season 3 soon, and it has been my motivation for every single weekend 😦 Nevermind, it’s alright because there’s still Season 1 and 2. I love Asian renditions hehehe. Unfortunately The Amazing Race Asia is on permanent vacation 😦


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