Bike Rally 2013 CIP

It was the first time I ever signed up for an overnight CIP, and I was honestly quite excited leaving my house at 9pm LOL. I mean afterall it’s a sports event and one of the more interesting CIPs out there? 😀 Organised by NTU!

However, the major lack of sleep from being my sister’s slave (decorating the house for her 21st) and waking up Saturday morning for FSD at 6am kinda made me more tired than usual.

My sleepiness was further amplified when the volunteers’ had a mere 3-4 hours of sleep because we had to get up early for the flag off 😦

Right before/after sleeping hahaha. We were pretty hyped up in the morning I guess, even though we were damn tired. LOL.

Preparing at the start point, we were actually quite stunned to be allocated… to NTU HAHAHA. The whole bike rally was ALL around Singapore, but well, we happened to be stationed at the start point, or would you prefer to call it end point? LOL.

IMG_8497 - Copy
Well, this was my initial job. Pour 100plus for participants.. LOL.

After the flag off at 7am we had nothing to do, so we happily whiled the time away sleeping because we were so tired omg. Unfortunately (or fortunately?), we were awaken at 9.30am or something to be allocated to a different job- road marshalling.

IMG_8509 - Copy
And I got thrown off at Labrador Park! hahaha right opposite the MRT. This was when the first wave of cyclists came in at about 11.30am, after 1 whole hour of waiting LOL.

To be honest I was pretty sad because 1. You’re doing it alone, 2. You can’t afford to use your phone because it needs to last for 2 whole days, 3. THE SUN WAS FREAKING HOT.

Omg. Like really hot. Even though I was decked in a singlet and a pair of FBTs, I was still baking, roasting, and barbecueing. Stood in the sun from 10.30am to 1.30pm alone and without technology 😦

And the worst part was I got really hungry at 12pm and there was no food till 2pm wts. I got so damn pissed off because no one told me I was supposed to go hungry! I went mad and kept repeating “THIS SHOULD BE RENAMED 20-HOUR FAMINE CAMP” “So hungry and tired”.

Of course, encounters that made the experience in the oven less torturous:

1. Cyclists who spam “thank you” to me all at once hehehe
2. Cute cyclists who smile back at me hahahah
3. When I was on my phone replying Edina, a cyclist rode past me and shouted to me “YOU RECEIVED MY MESSAGE?” hahahaha I burst out laughing!!!
4. Short messages from cyclists “Nice suntan!” “Very hot hor”

Thank god Jia Wen ran off to buy Mr Bean for us omg thank you so much.

IMG_8520 - Copy
This was saviour food I swear I WAS DAMN DAMN DAMN HUNGRY LOL. And right after that, food was delivered -______- Wah it was 2pm by then… and breakfast was at 5am ._. 9 hours without food can seriously drive me crazy LOL.

Afterwards some checkpoints didn’t need manpower anymore so there were people dropped at our stations to help us with our marshalling jobs!

IMG_8521 - Copy
I was damn black and roasted omg zzzz the guy who was dropped at my station told me I was really tanned LOL. Sunburnt for the first time in my life omg my shoulders hurt. Hopefully it’ll peel off and I’ll become fairer HAHAHA mirror mirror on the wall woohoo.

Glad to have made new friends with these few people, including Edina and Jia Wen’s partner road marshals 🙂 Thanks Papergoat for the entertainment by talking endlessly, thank you even though you will never see this! 🙂

Overall it was an interesting experience even though the ending was pretty bad again- we had to walk through NTU to get our bags….. okay it’s alright. Volunteers’ Welfare was pretty bad boooo but after reading the comments on Facebook about them saluting/respecting/admiring the road marshals/red angels (since we were decked in red), I guess it’s all worth it afterall 😛

Fun and maybe I’ll go for their next event!

I wish to take part in a triathlon! Hmm 🙂 Let’s hope it works out.


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