Failed my very first H2 test this year (Geography), which is actually supposed to be a subject I’m strong in :/

I didn’t know whether to feel encouraged or discouraged- because undoubtedly it IS one of the subjects I studied the hardest for test week and yet I couldn’t score for something I was so familiar in. Furthermore I have been paying attention in almost all the classes (I mean, in comparison to last year).

But I thought of what Ms Lee said.

“So what if you fail all your tests now? So what you get Ss and Us? At the end of the day, it’s only your A Levels that matter. No one’s going to look at your Year 5 results and say “Hey, she failed her test in Year 5″”

So inspiring and thought-provoking at the same time. But of course, let’s study harder to patch up that ugly grade 😦

LET’S GO HP, let’s cross fingers and hope I don’t fail the rest of my 3H2 tests 😦


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