35th Student Council Investiture

Jia Wen and I made it through the campaign successfully! Thankful for everyone’s support hehe and we’ll strive hard!!! Thankful for the people I’m working alongside, I think I’ll have a great time in the next year 🙂

This is a terrible shot of me but I found it on my phone (due to WhatsApp auto downloads brr) so…. HAHA.

Somehow even though I’ve never officially been in the Student Council- I’ve actually attended 4 investitures so far. PSL, Class Chair, Class Chair, House Councillor. Even though I don’t feel a strong sense of attachment to the Council because I’m not largely involved in school events, I’m pretty sure I’ll miss taking up all these leadership positions after we relinquish our power next year.

Rushed off after investiture to HCI’s DramaFeste! Initially thought it would be a large scale event inviting many many guests, but in the end the WHOLE LT was filled with HCI people and the 5 of us in black just felt so awkward and out-of-place, especially when all the faculty cheers came on omg. Chenxi told us that many many people wanted to go for this event, but there were limited tickets LOL. Oops? Sorry HCI people HAHA.

Camwhoring while waiting for the event to start- which we regretted afterwards because we were admitted too late and had to sit all the way to the side. Thankfully we still managed to sit together though!

It was really good- I can’t believe all those people on stage are… my age. Omg everyone’s so professional and everything, I wonder when will RV be able to pull off such a small-scale yet large-scale event. Looking forward to Talentime though 😀

Really envious of the faculty spirits- let’s hope we could have that in our school, too 😦

Sze Min practising drills in class, because of her foresight of an SAF future HAHAHA.


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