Kuantan Malaysia 2013

I am pretty lazy to do a day-to-day recount of everything that we did, because I no longer have my BlackBerry to pen down thoughts everywhere 😦 iPhone touchscreen is so much more… complex than my lovely Torch and that makes me pretty sad.

So let’s bring in the highlights:

1. Geography

The more intensive part of the trip where we had to conduct fieldwork and get our own readings. This was where we did our work 🙂

Measuring the river bed, cross sectional area etc. Fieldwork at the river, basically.

Studying different types of rocks at different water bodies- basaltic and granitic rocks 😀

Visiting a limestone cave and doing the HCl test hehehe. It was quite cool how there was effervescence omg.

2. Relax and recreation

Camwhoring somewhere near our lunch area- because the place was just so pretty hehe.

Camwhoring outside the cave! The road looks so endless and pretty, like some Tumblr shot LOL.

Having fun in the water! Awww I love how we were given opportunities like these hahaha- it was really enjoyable man 🙂 Water was so so so cold, and the hot and humid weather made everything better wheee.

Visiting the beach by our resort at night hehehe. Calming waters and the sand just makes everything wonderful.

Going to spa (actually only Edina and Jia Wen) after our long day! We had time to relax and do what we want- really glad that we were given so much freedom and space to have fun with our friends hahaha.

Gymming after a fat session at dinner- cause Jia Wen insisted on running. Resort has both arcade and gym woohoo. Found out how much my stamina sucks though, 8 minutes into my run I stopped it because I couldn’t take it omg. I felt like food was gonna spill out from my throat or something, my god. It wasn’t a good feeling at all.

Drinking from a coconut that a monkey fetched for us, LOL. Monkeys are really smart, no doubt. Really dislike those from Bali though, brrr.

3. Food

All three meals every.single.day were so good, EVERY SINGLE ONE. Had so much fun filling myself up like a glutton and showing how much my stomach can actually consume hehehe. Restaurant meals every single day, either that or buffet LOL. My favourite has got to be the seafood BBQ buffet on Day 2, my god HAHAHA IT WAS SO DAMN GOOD.

The meals we had for the 4 days, excluding some that I forgot to take pictures of 😦 Sometimes when you’re too hungry, you don’t really care about photos anymore LOL.


I got scolded with Jia Wen on the last day cause of being late. And that was the 2nd time in the day we were late- we also woke up late that morning (1 hour 40 minutes after morning call omg). Had only 20 minutes to pack and have breakfast so I zoomed every shit out in 10 minutes LOL BE AMAZED WE PACKED OUR LUGGAGES + TIED MY HAIR + CHANGED in 10 minutes, ran off to buffet and gorged ourselves like dumb gluttons omg. Thankfully we weren’t late for debrief LOL.

But we were still late after shopping (for 7 minutes) and the whole bus had to wait for us oops 😦 I’m sorry guys, I am the youngest so I’m still childish, not as developed as all of you…? 😀

The 4 days and 3 nights there were spent really well- I have no regrets signing up for this trip at all 🙂 This trip was both relaxing and informative, and I learnt a lot and truly enjoyed myself. Reflected a lot during my long bus trips and thought about so many things… You don’t get such chances nowadays! Let’s just say… I’m so thankful it has ceased to exist.

Although I feel terrible that I won’t have time to do homework (booking in for Spec Course Phase 1 tonight omg), I’ll just suffer the consequences over the weekends.

Oh and I was late for THE THIRD TIME for house meeting today morning as well zzz, it gets pissing when I don’t learn my lesson. I’m so horrible I deserve a punishment of every kind. What the hell is with punctuality and responsibility when I fulfil neither. For the next month till April 18 I shall not be late for any single event, or else I shall not go out till May.

Challenge accepted.


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