I’m really burnt out from the past weeks- my March holidays are even more packed than an ordinary school week. No regrets though, I really enjoyed myself. At the expense of my academics, definitely.

Day by day I’m just chasing even harder to catch up with what I miss every passing day- whether it’s from the uncompleted tutorials/assignments or whether it’s from dozing off in class.

I despise myself for my utter lack of discipline and I know I really ought to work a lot harder, if not I’ll just find myself in a pool of Us soon.

And to be honest, I’m really sad because I can’t go Basic Airborne Course. Without even attempting the selections, because being a female sucks. No one wants to sign up 😦 sigh.

I hope fate planned it this way. I pray that I’ll have a smooth journey ahead these two years 😦

And also, a slight glimmer of hope still shines inside me. I hope someone will apply for the course all of a sudden 🙂

Reminder to self: to blog about Spec Course Phase 1 and FSD Finals.


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