Overdue blog posts!

I never procrastinated so much in blogging before, because blogging is a form of escapism from work!

But now I’m tied down by school work, NCC stuff, House Council stuff, I barely have space to breathe brrr. It’s okay, busy periods will make me stronger!

Trying my very best to turn into an ultimate mugger- but it ain’t working a single bit ugh. Changed my water bottle design, the notice on my wall, my iPhone home screen to academic-related stuff. Hope I’ll be more motivated in time to come 😦

Ok so now…

1. West District Specialist Course Phase 1

The people I worked alongside!

To be honest, during the briefing on Day 0, I was like omfg……… save me guys who are these two strangers. But time passed and I really enjoyed working with them- because the other Ng and Ulric’s very efficient hahaha. All 3 of us were bored most of the course but at least we still carried out our roles dutifully. Thankful for them to make my first course/camp a really enjoyable one!

And a really blur shot- but Alpha 3! I guess after a camp/course, what makes you happiest are the appraisals. Even though most of them are quiet, I’ll remember this appraisal for life “Beautiful, cute, kind” HAHAHAHA BEST APPRAISAL EVER I haven’t had such adjectives describing me since like Primary 3… omg.

Had a really tiring time during the course- was running around with a runny nose and I had to blow my nose once for every 10 cadets I took for IFC. It was quite dumb cause the cadets had to look at me blow my nose before I could continue. Thank god I’m recovering now! The best part is I didn’t visit a doctor at all hehe.

I can’t wait for my own Part Bs (Part Cs 2013) to attend Spec Course Phase 2, and till then I hope I can sufficiently help them with everything that I can remember from Phase 1. Hopefully I’ll be able to make it for their POP, but at the same time I hope not, because that means I don’t get into Airborne HAHA. Sigh hopefully the dates don’t clash!

2. FSD Finals 2013

Annual event that I’ll always go for. Shall hold this promise to myself 🙂 It’s so cool how I attended FSD competitions since 2009 hehe, enthusiastic NCC girl since 1996. Standards have indeed been raised a hell lot higher with each passing year, and I believe every batch struggles with the choreography hahaha. Congratulations to my dear Part Bs 2012 once again, you successfully lived past the terrible busy periods of FSD!

Until now, no matter how busy I get in JC, no matter how stressful it is, I don’t think these can ever be compared to how much pressure, stress and workload I faced during FSD period in 2011 hehe. It amazes me that I have such strong willpower and mental strength then. Ok I should shut up about FSD HAHAHA.

IMG_8867 - Copy
Did a very stupid mistake that day and boarded the wrong train heading towards Jurong East instead of taking the circle line. Made me almost late for the guys’ performance, thank god Jiawei and I ran our way into HQ just in time to catch the RV Boys LOL but meh we had to hail a cab oops. We were huffing and puffing by the time we reached the tentage wahahaha.

IMG_8869 - Copy
Taking a shot at HQ hehe. More than half our platoon was present whee.

RV Girls and Boys got 6th and 5th respectively, so congratulations heh. 6th is a repeated position for the past 3 years already HAHA. Oh well, it was reminiscent of our batch I think. To be honest no matter what I say, 6th is indeed a terrible position because it’s just ONE position away to medals/trophies, and what you get is just a plaque that spells FINALIST. Ohwell, hahaha. It’s okay, at least RV FSD Team 2013 didn’t have any regrets! I regretted so so so much after the performance in 2011 hahaha.

IMG_8875 - Copy
IMG_8877 - Copy
Platoon lunch at Watami after the performance! Most of us wanted to rush home to do homework initially, but then we didn’t care anymore HAHAHA YOU DON’T GET MANY CHANCES TO EAT with one another!

Thankful for this group of Delta girls and I hope our relationship will always remain close-knitted! It’s so scary how 4 years ago all of us were still looking stupid in round-rimmed glasses with ridiculously low buns, and now all of us are starting to worry that we cannot get married in the future.

Why do the years pass by so quickly omg.

3. Basic Airborne Course

Finally found another female participant to join with me- hopefully more from 1996 will join as well though. Jiayou to Lifang, Leiwei and Jae who are potentially signing up for Airborne, be it now or in the future!

Hopefully I’ll be able to pass the stringent requirements together with my female partner! 🙂 Gotta do pushups everyday hahaha, suddenly it feels as if all the girl push-ups I’ve been doing for the past 4 years have been in vain LOL WHY IS THERE SUCH A HUGE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A GUY AND A GIRL PUSH-UP 😦

Oh and a run in Long 4 HAHAHA KILL ME NOW OMG orienteering here we go again.


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