These few days have been really tiring omg.

I don’t know if it’s just me but I feel so terrible when I attend lessons recently. With my tutorials half-done (or undone), with a blank mind not knowing what to expect. It feels as if I haven’t been listening in lectures all the time.

I almost went crazy yesterday- repeating the words “I’m damn stressed” “I’m freaking stressed” “Omg I haven’t do __________” every single lesson. I kept thinking to myself- why is it that teachers merely have to specialise in one subject while we’re expected to be proficient in all. It feels so terrible getting Ds and Es (and now, potentially SUSUs) for subjects that I’ve worked so hard for. Now that I’m stripped off even more rest time due to my ongoing commitments, I lag behind my peers even more. How am I ever going to catch up with those horrendous grades.

“You’re expected to come up with a summary for every single chapter thus far.”
“Please finish up your tutorial or else you won’t know what’s going on.”
“You are expected to do your own research and daily readings. Compile your fact sheets.”
“Your PI _______ _________ ______…”

Argh thinking of this makes me even more stressed tch someone keep me sane please. Okay I should get off WordPress yes.

Amidst all these I hope I emerge stronger, I mean I really do wish to emerge from this education system proudly in 1.5 years time. Hopefully not in a pool of SUSUs.

IMG_9164 - Copy
Well, I was really stressed yesterday. And this made me laugh to myself so thanks retard 🙂 I’m sincerely thankful for you!


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