End of Week 3

This week has been rather eventful for me- Airborne internal selections and so on. Happy to pass, but sad that I’m the only girl who did- because that means I wouldn’t be able to go either. I barely passed anyway, 5 more seconds and I’d find myself failing the criteria.

Let’s hope all the girls are on form that day 😦

Given the difficulty of the criteria- I am finding Airborne a distant dream. I mean, right now it seems so wonderful and everything, like wow dude this is the most prestigious course in the NCC. But aiya even though I really wish I could go, I won’t deny that it’s really difficult to pass (for a girl). I guess I won’t be that upset if I don’t get to go in the end 😐 对得起自己就行了!

Anyway I was talking to my friend about Chinese- YES Chinese a wonderful exam that I’m gonna retake cause I got a B LOL. I’m not being ambitious with my horrigible Chinese standards or anything, but I guess it’s muggable so I’m gonna put in my fullest when I retake it this year! Hopefully I won’t be too rusty from the lack of Chinese for the entire year.

Mm I love Chinese, even though I suck at it. It’s my family language haha. There’s just this feeling of closeness when you use Chinese with someone else- I can’t explain it. Even in the future, I’ll always want Chinese to be my family language 🙂

Okay I’m blabbering on about rubbish and I should seriously catch up on my tutorials. EVERY.SINGLE.SUBJECT.

Airborne training tomorrow, let it all go well! And 14 more days to Red House’s big event!


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