Great end to a Monday

My school day ended great 🙂 After Red House dance practice!

Was queuing up for the crazily crazy Subway (peak hour?) queue at Clementi Mall, when one of the Subway sandwich makers bumped into me while chionging back into the kitchen. I wasn’t ticked off anyway, was too tired to care. Eyes were shutting 😦

When I was paying at the cashier however, the person wrapping my sandwich suddenly said “Sorry ah”. I was a little dumbfounded, cause I thought my cheese went out of place during wrapping or something. Anyway his colleague asked why and he said “Oh just now I bumped into her.”

I didn’t even remember/realise that it was him- but it was a really nice gesture and it made my day hahaha 😉 At least someone cared to remember to apologise even after 10 minutes!

The world is beautiful. And so is dreamland. Shall take a short (hopefully) nap because it’ll be a long night 😦


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