Live in the moment

Pretty YOLO title but…

Was looking through my posts from last year- and realising how free I actually was. Not that academic excellence wasn’t my focus, but I seemed to be able to fork out time to venture to the weirdest places in Singapore with my siblings.

I haven’t been doing that lately 😦 Wanted to go West Coast Plaza today to simply eat dinner, but was held back by my PI. Excellent mood lifter.

Sigh. In 2 years everything will be over!

But then again, in 2 years things may not be the same anymore. My siblings may have been married by then 😦 Sucks to be the youngest now LOL

Hope I’ll have time during the June holidays again- even though the tests follow right away. I want to catch a new drama/show so badly 😦

When I received my essay (lovely grade of D), I thought to myself, nevermind Paper 2 will probably pull up my marks.

But apparently I’m terribly wrong. Terribly terribly wrong. WAH.

I got so much to work on for my grades, someone rush me someone kill me please omg.


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