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Wonderful E&C Week

For wonderful reasons I’m actually finding myself busier than usual school days hehe.

Saturday morning was spent at NDP Volunteers’ interview, and both Chenxi and I passed the interview hee! General/VIP ushers for both of us πŸ™‚ Looking forward to the future NE shows/NDP itself :))

Spent the entire afternoon shopping with this bullgirl who almost wanted to kill me cause she ended up being overdressed HAHA.

Then celebrated my Uncle’s birthday at night! Swam, played with babies, watched dramas at the hotel in Sentosa, and had Din Tai Fung for dinner πŸ™‚

Baby and my dinner HAHA. Happy birthday Uncle! πŸ™‚

Sunday was hell busy as well, woke up early to collect notes, then rushed off for my swimming lesson, before rushing off to the airport to pick up UK cadets hehe! Yup originally I was supposed to host HK cadets, but there was a change due to manpower problems I guess! Ah, not like I’m complaining HAHA.

Career Guidance talk today, visited ALL the SAF booths because I love the army (actually I think so) although I don’t really foresee myself signing on in the future… oops. I just don’t know what I want to do in the future I guess.

I know tomorrow’s House Camp, but I’m looking forward to joining them at Singapore Discovery Centre already hahaha πŸ˜€ I’m so upset that they’re leaving next Tuesday already 😦

It’s a really relaxing week (finally a break from JC), but I haven’t had enough rest for the past few days because I’ve been reaching home past 11pm and sleeping past 12 or 1. I guess it’s time to rest haha. I hope E&C week will never end, the busy days are passing too quickly 😦

I’ll be so sad when they’re gone 😦


Candy Crush Rivalry



Whole family’s playing Candy Crush, everyday I never fail to receive requests from my father, brother, sister and cousin. LOL.

Looks like we will be stuck in this trend for quite a while hehe

Welcoming the end of the term in advance

My long weekend is beautifully packed (beautifully, because I enjoy it).

Thursday (yesterday) after GP test:

swensens - Copy
Swensens at night woohoo! Cousin’s treat πŸ™‚

After the fat MAIN COURSE + DESSERT (omg TOWERING TEMPTATIONS IS INDEED TEMPTING), I went for a swim with my sister hoho. Night swims followed by hot showers are the best hehehe πŸ™‚ WATCHED MY DRAMA TO SLEEP πŸ™‚


I was awakened because of the heavy rain and heavy bladder… so I woke up to continue my drama HAHA.

After which I went out with Edina Grassy Jiawen woohoo 5S’s 4G girls LOL.

While waiting for Edina the late bird woohoo OK LA TO BE FAIR I was late too, HAHA couldn’t find Starbucks LOL. Getting lost in Singapore is indeed interesting HEHE

vesak day hol 2013 - Copy
Ate Skinny Pizza!!! It was good, it’s like pizza in biscuit crumbs hehe πŸ™‚ But I’ll still prefer fat bread la HAHA even though skinny is definitely healthier.

Walked around for a few hours HAHA but it was really fun I guess, and good exercise to burn off all those excess calories I have gained!!! Great day out, hope we could go out again hehe πŸ™‚ It feels so rare to have time to go out together, because all of us are really busy all the time 😦 Sucks to have such conflicting schedules/busy schedules haha.

Tomorrow I have my NDP Volunteers’ Interview (really hope I get through!), then my Uncle’s birthday celebration at night. On Sunday I gotta go to Bukit Batok in the morning, before going for my swimming lesson, before picking up HONG KONG ISCEP CADETS OMG ;)))))) I’m so excited!!!! It’s gonna be a really tiring week but I’m really looking forward to it haha. TOURIST IN MY OWN COUNTRY AGAIN πŸ™‚

I’m living life as if exams are over which is really terrible since only ONE paper is over 😦 But I shall YOLO for E&C week hehe a reward to myself since JC has been really tiring. Receiving endless disappointing results has been really tiring as well haha, my ego has been deflating day by day and I think I’m facing increasing risk of retaining. I don’t know, some people say I’m being ridiculous… but I received SUU this term. Seriously. People are getting BBBCs, improving from the previous terms, while I received SUU. Haha how does that sound?

I’ll work hard for the rest of my 80%, I promise. Even though I’m already working quite hard 😦 Maybe my studying method is wrong, perhaps I should just resort to my secondary school methods. But then again I might get 4 Us instead of 2 Us.

OK I SHOULD DIAM ABOUT GRADES AND CONTINUE MY DRAMA BECAUSE THERE’S NO USE RANTING ENDLESSLY ABOUT MY GRADES. And perhaps some people should be more sensitive. Yup you’re gonna fail. Yes you’re gonna fail. Yes you got a A/B, which is really terrible. Yup I get it, cause my U is definitely better. But then again, I’m guilty of that too.

So I should shut up too.



I think I can rewatch this scene 5 times, 50 times, 500 times, and I’ll still cry :’)

This drama means so much to me omg. I seriously can’t get enough of it hehe, rewatching once on TV, and rewatching another time with my sister. HAHA.

It’s been an eventful week, it’s been really tiring… I’m waiting for it to get better. And for you to get better.


Even though I’ve never really been exceptionally close to my father (eg. I don’t tell him who my boyfriends are HAHA), the absence of him in this house makes everything so empty…

No one to buy bread for me for breakfast,
No one to send me to school (T.T WAKEUP TIME -> 5.30AM NOW)
No one to give me allowances
No one to chase me to sleep (ok to be fair mom has a fair share too)
No one to go to the swimming pool with me
No one to remind me that I have fat legs

Sigh no time to do homework the whole day, hope I can rush through it tomorrow. But the bitch me was spending my afternoon watching dramas so I have no right to complain.

Dad please get well soon and be discharged as soon as possible!!! 😦


Okay I’ve been walking around with a throbbing headache for 3 whole freaking days. Finally it has improved quite a bit.

I’ve been complaining about my scumbag head for 3 whole days and finally it’s more or less gone…? It’s really annoying when you run around and your head bounces along with you sigh. I’m still dizzy when I stand up and down but at least not to the extent that I black out with a sharp intense pain to my head immediately. That has been happening to me every single time I stand up 😦

I was so worried man because in ALL dramas these are the symptoms of some tumour… OK CHOI I TOUCHED AN WOOD ALREADY.

But I’m feeling sexy and free now woohoo.

Okay so… time to catch up with my blog post LOL.

15/5/13 marked the end of examinations for my sister! So I decided to meet up with her for lunch (authentic Thai food!!!). It was very 伟倧 of me lor please I was walking around with a really terrible migraine and logically I should have gone home to rest.

But oh well it wasn’t easy for her to really… smell liberation so I guess I’d just make an exception since I’m such a nice sister!

Featuring: δΌŸε€§ηš„ε¦Ήε¦Ή

Ok there were other pictures of us eating the ice-cream next door (which despises JC students walao LOL student discount only for Poly/Uni!!!) but I kinda look disgusting (in screwed up hair and school uniform) and I think I’ll regret it in 10 years’ time so I shall not upload it hehehe.

Here’s our ice-cream anyway,

The one in yellow’s salted egg yolk, it’s like frozen custard bao in a cup HAHA. Damn delicious and special πŸ™‚

Congratulations to my sister for breaking free from her examinations πŸ™‚ Your first year is over!


I kinda confirmed that I had a migraine only on this day- when it refused to go away and it restricted me so much during PE cause I couldn’t run or do any shit at all 😦 I’m not trying to exaggerate but seriously it was damn painful and an intense sharp pain will shoot through my head every time I stand up. To be honest I wanted to wake up with a fever very very very badly because I had done sub-standard work for my tutorials and I don’t think I had the willpower to survive through lessons from EIGHT AM to FOUR PM with my scumbag head. But I dragged my sorry ass to school anyway, because I don’t think I would like to waste 24 hours catching up on work that I missed.

Thursday has a late dismissal timing but I went out that night all the same. After taking a rest, of course. Scumbag head says it wants to sleep more. It was a celebration for my brother’s girlfriend’s birthday hehe.

Eating at Sakae hehe the price is usually damn ouch without the buffet… I miss Sakae Sushi’s buffet!

Dessert at Xin Wang after that full dinner πŸ™‚ I was fed like a pig man goodness me.

Reached home late and slept even later because my headache was keeping me awake- the irony since headaches often result from a lack of rest.


Today! Had been looking forward to today for so long, mostly because it’s TGIF, lessons are reeeeeaaaaaallllyyyyyyyyy short, and there’s ReVelFest to look forward to!

Headed to Jurong Point after the promotion parade to buy bread (wah my lunch + dinner nice), but ok la since I bought ShareTea also HAHAHA. Grassy wanted to buy roses for Huiying too πŸ™‚

The queue at around 5.30pm? Wah lao really like attending concert sia haha. And they really did a lot to prevent gatecrashers- I pity the people who dropped their post-its on the way to the toilet though. I wonder if they got into a lot of trouble.

And the concert!

And dear girl please learn how to respect your seniors, thank you very much. Damn bitchy seriously zzz. You make me doubt your ability at managing interpersonal relations, much less your leadership capabilities. I bear grudges so you’ve officially written yourself an entry in HUIPING’S BLACK BOOK. I don’t usually bitch about people (clarify: anymore) because I don’t like the same to be done about me, but I guess you’ll be an exception. To that person who pissed my friend off as well, bloody hell because he doesn’t deserve to be treated this way. Screw your face seriously and your brains. BOTH OF YOU.

Other than that, ReVelFest was pretty amazing because it was very well-organised (at the expense of some individuals). I guess the limit of the tickets made everything more privileged, such that even long queues were established on both sides of the auditorium one hour before the event, snaking all the way to the LTs LOL. It brought the atmosphere to an all-time high at many parts, and I’m glad because this has certainly infused quite a bit of school culture.

I’ll definitely try again next year, this time I’ll make sure to put a slash between my name and class LOL. Thanks Vanessa Poh for helping me bid for the tickets, or else I wouldn’t even have the chance to attend. THANKS A LOT :’)

At A&E yesterday, rushed off to the hospital after ReVelFest due to some bad news. Thankful that everything’s fine I guess, hope nothing will become worse. Ok picture was bad and blurry because it’s simply inappropriate to take photos in the hospital… but it was our first time in masks LOL.

Ok here’s some lovely goodies to end the post:

My lovely face hehe

GOOD BYE TIME TO CATCH DRAMAS AND do my Math tutorials, sigh. I’m such a lazy bum.

Necessity vs luxury

I’m not sure if I want a break or need a break,

but given the results of the tests that have been coming in recently, I don’t deserve one at all.

I thought my grades are already bad initially.

But it’s getting worse.

I am speechless and helpless, I worked so much harder this term (I mean honestly, maybe not VERY hard, but much harder than last term) but yet my grades are like…… crap? shit? rubbish? nonsense?

Most importantly I feel so apologetic to the teachers (especially Mr Lawrence boooo) for not doing their tutorials while focusing on other subjects’ tests, well looking at my grades I guess there isn’t really a point anymore. Ya I feel bad towardsmy parents and teachers, not so much of myself -_-

Bye don’t really want to get U for Econs tomorrow, again.