Ridiculous day

Hi everyone usually my morning alarm timing is at 6.31am.

So today I woke up at to see the digit “37” on my phone and I started freaking panicking and chionging out of my bed because I was gonna be late gonna be late omg. Intense hatred for the iPhone man walao all my 3 alarms didn’t ring.

I rushed my morning routine at double my usual speed, before rushing to my Dad’s room to wake him up…

Dad woke up innocently, walked out of the room and asked me “Wah why today so early”

I LOOKED AT THE CLOCK TO REALISE THAT I WAS AN HOUR EARLY OMG zz but I guess it was fate because I had 2 undone assignments (due today) HAHAHA. So I told my Dad to sleep first while I sat alone at the dining room at a holy timing of 5.50am to do my Math assignment.

Okay nothing much today liao just that some teachers show us that GP can be really interesting 🙂 School was considerably interesting this week I guess- Labour Day in the middle of nowhere really makes everything better hehe 🙂

Sorry Ms Foo for screwing up the Physical component of Geography Test so badly 😦 Sigh maybe I could have worked a little harder. But 5500 words is beyond………. aiya nevermind

Why HP why you’d do so badly for a subject you’re interested in.


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