SYF Appreciation

IMG_9534 - Copy
To watch this lovely girl HAHA. Ok I am slightly perturbed as to how round I’ve become (my arms are huuuuuuuuge)- especially in comparison to the girl beside me…

BUT THAT DOESN’T SEEM TO CONTROL MY EATING HABITS 😦 Sigh. Anyway the showcase was really nice- went with my sister and she also noted that 2 hours passed reeeeeaally quickly. 🙂

I slacked the whole day away- watched dramas the entire day and shit so well done to myself because there are 3 tests ahead and everyone’s already putting in their 100%.

So guess what it’s time to start, Sundays are the worst 😦

AND OMG I went to Clementi’s Yamaha to look at their brochures and they only have piano lessons for kids up to 8 sob sob sob why am I such an oldbird (I’m like more than double the max age…) Shall try the one at Frontier I guess. I’m such a latebird too, only starting swimming at 13 and now piano at 17. LOL. Haiz I didn’t exactly waste my childhood either, I guess it was the best time of my life playing Maple 24/7 for a few years straight HAHA. Sorry but Maple was really fun don’t judge plz HAHAHA if I still had the time now I’d definitely play it 🙂

AH thoughts aside it’s time to do work.


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