Small brains small money

If I had to choose between being smart and being rich,

I’d choose to be rich,

Because ultimately in this society, 钱不是万能,但没有钱是万万不能. So materialistic but true? You study so hard just to be smarter than others, so that your income is bigger in the future. If I’m already rich enough why do I still need to know how to profit maximise…

Nonetheless I still want bigger brains. I’m sick of feeling like a stupid cow (sorry cows) whenever I do my work. JC life is… wow. Now I know what the seniors were always complaining about.

Okok back to revision cause I smell liberation, next Tue’s the last test of this series before we start mugging for common tests 🙂


Just did Math test.

I’ve arrived at the conclusion that I’m really stupid. 😦 I hate feeling so angsty and upset after a test.


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