What keeps me sane

Ice-cream-therapy (??) at BenTen Cafe with the 5S girls. It was totally uncalled for, thankful for impromptu outings because they create the best memories hehe.

2 years later I don’t want my memory of JC life as failing tests and more tests, despite my best efforts to mug hard… To be honest, if my Year 3 and Year 4 self visited myself today, she would be really, really impressed. I wonder how I breezed through those years getting GPA 3.5> with last minute studying. And with a stroke of luck I got my exemptions. Ah.

A year later I’m finding myself dumber than ever because the best grade after my A is a D, and I just lost the A after screwing up Math today. Mugging really hard this year ends me with a MSG 3.5> -_-

I shudder to think how much I’m going to struggle to promote, much less keep my 4H2s. Suddenly I’m very very very thankful that I didn’t get into Airborne.

Why isn’t there a single test to tell me that everything will be fine at the end of the day, as long as I put in effort?

Random: I received my HCL entry proof. For some reason, I am so much more driven to work hard for this re-exam as compared to last year.

Maybe because previously I didn’t know B4 converts to a C on your A Level cert. And to be honest that’s really ugly. Furthermore, for someone of my family background, getting a B is quite a big a disgrace. Sigh. But aiming for an A is overestimating my capabilities, so I’ll keep my expectations at a B3.

Shall try to read Chinese novels/listen to Chinese news more frequently. I definitely need to be armed with a bigger Chinese vocabulary bank.

I need to stop saturating my blog posts with mugging, studies and more work. I’m turning my only comfort zone into a ranting wall for studies, too. 😦


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