ISCEP Inbound 2013

I feel like I’ve taken a break from WordPress because this place seems like a sanctuary with posts dated so way back LOL. But as usual with all my overseas trips, I shall do a post to note the highlights of the trip hehe. I don’t think it’ll be interesting to read through though, HAHA.

26/27 May

Picture taken at the airport- which is unfortunately blur LOL.

Spent the entire afternoon rotting (sleeping actually) at Changi Naval Base and had dinner with the foreign cadets at night πŸ™‚ That’s when reality sunk in because I realised how late I’ll be reaching home every single night until 3rd June- after 11pm or worse, 12am!!!

But no regrets signing up especially after the cohesion night on the 2nd night πŸ˜€ it was really fun HAHA. Got to know everyone’s names, and for the first time it was so enjoyable playing Whacko πŸ™‚ Glad that I signed up for ISCEP Inbound 2013 and extremely glad that they’re a really small group! They’re bound to forge really everlasting friendships πŸ™‚

28 May

Went to the India embassy yesterday instead of UK embassy because the bus rushed off without me 😦 Walao I arrived so early at HQ sia LOL not my fault that the bus came late right. But it’s okay since I’ve never been to the India embassy before either! Took many photos but they’re all in the HQ camera!

After which this should be the only day I had to leave early- cause it was Yang’s birthday hehe.

enc week 2013 - Copy
Went to JCube to have Manhattan Fish Market for dinner!

We had free Gelato afterwards because it was a birthday treat by JCube LOL DAMN SHIOK OMG but damn fat HAHAHA. Grande size!

29 May

After dismissal, I headed straightaway to Changi Naval Base to sadly watch people dive because I didn’t bring a swimsuit 😦 Had dinner at the cookhouse with them and it was Free & Easy for the night! Took the train there from Tanah Merah πŸ™‚

Stupidly didn’t tag along with anyone and so I was shopping around Bugis alone HAHAHA. I finally bought a new schoolbag anyway! After surviving with a rotten Nike bag for 2 years LOL.

IMG_9901 - Copy
Group photo at the end of the 2.5hours of shopping! They were so punctual, arriving 20 minutes before the meeting time omg. I’m guilty HAHA.

I’m thankful for this company of people, who never fail to drag me into their camwhore photos, who make attempts to involve me in conversations as much as possible hehe πŸ™‚ I love NCC so much for this, how we’re brought together regardless of geographical boundaries haha. Furthermore it’s my first Inbound experience so I guess it’s made even more meaningful πŸ™‚

30 May

I went to Singapore Discovery Centre from school to meet everyone! I was actually really happy because it’s so near RV for the first time, and I reached really early. Just that I got lost again omg I’m a sucker at directions LOL.

At night was Free & Easy, and I met up with my sister to shop for a dress for the formal dinner HAHA. Not much interaction that day I guess!

31 May

Last day of school hehe. Went home to take a bath, and met them directly at Pinnacle@Duxton, effectively skipping all the activities before that. It was raining so damn heavily, and I was unluckily stranded at the bus stop. Ran through the rain to stupidly run back again because the rain was so damn heavy. And I was getting pissed cause it was a really bad day omg.

Ran through the rain when it became a slight drizzle though- and was really really cold haha. Headed to the Night Safari afterwards!

The UK delegate’s chaperon donated me her disposable raincoat which has SEA CADETS across it hehe. Freaking pretty, thanks a lot! So thankful because a raincoat at the Singapore Zoo costs like $5 boo.

Went home from Yio Chu Kang (took the bus back with IACE!) and my lovely brother picked me up home hehe.

1 June


Met them directly at Sentosa which was unfortunate because I missed the phototaking at the globe- but that’s alright because I am hardly significant in group photos anyway HAHA.

Followed the India delegation around since I had hardly any interactions with them for the entire trip πŸ™‚

Presentation of gifts/souvenirs during lunch πŸ™‚

Eating ice-cream with the India delegation under the rain! Free treat hahaha was forced to accept it πŸ™‚

With Charlie Chaplin who was making fun of me by turning and turning and turning when everyone was looking LOL. AND HE REFUSED TO LET ME GET MY HAND OFF HAHAHA. So cute omg I wonder who’s the person under all that makeup.

After the entire day! Met at the entrance again hehehe.

Went for dinner nearby, before proceeding to Songs of the Sea at Beach Station!

A photo with Jo at where we had dinner hehe. He had his birthday during the exchange, fortunately or unfortunately? LOL.

Elfy, Jonathan and I. Unfortunately iPhone 4’s front camera isn’t really that wonderful… especially in dark areas LOL.

2 June

Entire day of Free & Easy! Joined the whole group after my swimming lesson. Looked for the rest at Sentosa (Sentosa for like the 3rd time in 2 weeks sob). That was a $4 entrance fee, the unfortunate thing was that I left rightaway 😦

Brought the New Zealand delegation to Funan IT Mall! It was damn unlucky because the taxi tyre punctured on the way there. All my life in Singapore I have never ever got on board a taxi with a flat tyre. So damn unlucky omg.

While waiting for a taxi to get back to Bugis, their pick up point πŸ™‚ With Ryan, Bree and Myles!

After the New Zealand delegation went back, Anqi, Makoto and I headed down to look for the Hong Kong cadets who were staying out until 11pm!

They wanted to eat chilli/black pepper crabs, something that they don't really get in Hong Kong! So we headed to Lau Pa Sat hehe πŸ™‚ Photo of us at the extension during night time πŸ™‚

After that we took what felt like a 30 to 40-minute walk all the way back to Raffles City (we walked around the whole area of the city skyline omg) to find a supermarket! Hong Kong-ers wanted to buy Bak Kut Teh powder and similar stuff back to their country haha. They definitely did their research man omg.

3 June

Kayaking in the morning! It was damn enjoyable I swear HAHA it has been 3 years since I last got on a kayak but surprisingly I still managed to kayak on my own! Somemore I was on a single kayak hehe so proud of myself. Can’t wait for the photos to be uploaded πŸ™‚

kayaking2 - Copy
Thanks Kelvin for the photos- they’re damn nice omg especially the one with the Singapore Flyer behind me HEHE.

Elfy capsized me at the end omg gotta kill him max HAHA.

Went home after that to prepare for the formal dinner! Thankfully Chevrons was so near my house hehe.

With the RGS girls from Air πŸ™‚ Damn pretty hahaha.

Group photo with all the Sea exchange cadets and some extras (of course) HAHA.

With Elfy hohoho I counted and I think I made a total of more than 50 calls to him this whole time HAHA. “Hello Elfy, where are you?” “Hello Elfy, where are the cadets?” “Hello Elfy, how do I get to … …” “Hello Elfy, what time is their flight?” He’s been a great OIC I must say, handling everything to the smallest detail. Thanks so much and I hope I haven’t been (that much of) a burden HAHA.

Took like gazillion photos even with people I didn’t really know, most of which are not in my camera LOL. Waiting for them to be uploaded! After the dinner ended, I sent them off for their final night 😦

3 June

Last day 😦 No activities at all, Hong Kong flew off in the morning (close to afternoon). Waited all afternoon/evening at the airport for the UK delegation but didn’t manage to catch them before they flew off booo. Had to rush off to Clementi for piano lesson, unfortunately.

Sending Hong Kong cadets off, right beside the… that gate. HAHA.

If I have any regrets, it would probably be not staying in with them (really damn regret especially Friday/Saturday/Sunday when I didn’t have school), not having missed school (T.T could have gotten LOA) to spend more time with them, and not having been able to send them off because of my piano lesson. Regardless, I am thankful for the friendships made and I’ll never forget this wonderful experience hehe. I do wish to sign up for another Inbound, but I’m pretty positive that the first experience will always be the best, and I guess future experiences down the road will definitely pale in comparison.

While waiting for more photos to be uploaded (especially those of kayaking and USS), I would like to extend my gratitute to everyone who has been involved in this Inbound experience. Thanks for the memories πŸ™‚


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