Lowly women

I was just thinking while watching 步步惊心,

How thankful I am to be born in this era.

If I were a lady 300 years ago (in China la, I’m Chinese and since there’s no Singapore 300 years ago = I’ll be in China duh), I’d either be

1. A tomboy helping my Dad to farm (if I’m born in some poor family)
2. A pathetic lady binding my feet just to (perhaps) get married to some wealthy fat man
3. A servant/nonsense person running errands for people my entire life
4. A woman of high status (living in the Forbidden City)

1, 2 and 3 sounds pathetic, and 4 sounds really….. wonderful. But watching the show made me think otherwise- the desire of Ruo Xi to just get out of the Forbidden City and break away from all the shit that goes on. You have to share your man with 10000 other women. And if your man doesn’t even like you, then you simply live on your own cause he’s definitely not gonna visit you at night. And if you don’t bear a son (perhaps, as a result), your status is gonna be rubbish. Not forgetting all the evil shit that goes on up there, how you ought to carry yourself out…. ah there’s so much to say that a 40-episode drama can narrate all of this.

But then again, maybe I’m just a reincarnation of a past empress 🙂 HAHAHA. Oh well, life is cool that way. Sometimes I wonder how I’m blessed with the ability to think and do stuff and then…….. hey life seems so mysterious and amazing. How I’m born under my parents, how I lead my life…… I wonder how it would be like to be born in that era, though.

OH and the above ramblings…. are a result of watching dramas in all my free time these days. So much that I watch it everywhere– that I didn’t even hear the floorballers screaming my name repeatedly from the downriding escalator. I’m such an embarrassment in public 😦

Am at episode 39 out of 40- purposely left one episode to conclude it tomorrow morning. Honestly, I’m gonna be really really lost after it ends as usual. ISCEP ended, my drama is going to end… now, here’s to the start of chionging PW and studying for my common tests.

Oh this is pretty random but I like how my June holidays are marked by one drama every year since 2011. 命中注定我爱你/下一站,幸福, 海派甜心, and now 步步惊心. Heh.


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