Gong’s birthday surprise

Honestly, in my whole life in NCC, surprises were really difficult….. cause no one is surprised anyway HAHAHA. I mean duh if you’re asking someone out for a platoon outing near her birthday… it’s so obvious LOL.

So hehehe plot twist: Only Jiawen went out with her the entire day. So that was an entire day of planning… and strategising… and facing many unexpected situations (eg. CHENXI HAS DINNER AT HOME).

Pulled it off successfully anyway! Robbed her of her chance to have dinner and catch a movie HAHA.

Standby-ing at Sogurt hehehe 🙂

Cake + helium balloon we bought 🙂

Lighting up the candles nearby Pastamania and bringing it to our destination hehehe.

AND HERE THE BIRTHDAY GIRL GONG CHENXI HAHAHA. Omg we bought magic relighting candles so she had to blow like 20000000 times and even so, they wouldn’t go off HAHAHA. Damn cool idea omg.

Group photo at Pastamania with the cupcakes courtesy of ChuaYixin hehehe.

Unglam pigs omg LOL. My hair looks like a bush.

Final group picture before going home!

Was chilling around and talked for a few hours- hey it was a pretty nice catch up session hahaha. And the topics we talk about… they serve as a reminder to me, like hey, I’m turning 17.

I love these people and I hope to grow old together with them. Hehe. Oh and not to forget, happy birthday Gong!


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