Day out at Malaysia

I’m getting lazier to blog. But that’s terrible because I ain’t studying much either. Week has been rather uninteresting, apart from today!

Sister brother cousin and I made a trip down to Jusco at Malaysia! YEAP WITHOUT PARENTS HAHA.

Our initial plan was only to eat and shop hehe. Ended up catching a movie and buying so much that we almost ran out of MYR LOL.

IMG_0244 - Copy
Our cool tickets woohoo another ticket stub added to my collection HAHAHA.

We were that close to getting RM10 movie tickets ($4!!!) but cousin’s Citibank card unfortunately didn’t work so we ended up paying RM14 ($6+?) Still cheaper than Singapore anyway, especially on a weekend evening. AND THE SEATS ARE CRAZY COMFY IT’S LIKE SITTING ON A SOFA AND THERE’S SO MUCH LEG ROOM.

Man, I honestly thought Singapore’s theaters were good but they really pale in comparison to Malaysia HAHA.

Finally caught Now You See Me! It’s a really nice movie with a damn cool plot πŸ™‚ hehe. Ok wait why am I saying this I’m probably the last person to watch it. Looking forward to Monsters University LOL.

Ate a mountain at sizzling stone pot or something for lunch, food was really cheap for the amazing ambience and quality/quantity hehe.

The whole place is seriously made up of stones HAHAHA it’s so damn nice! The only drawback is that your hair will smell like BBQ chicken after you leave :S

This was about RM9+ which is like… less than SGD $4? LOL. It’s like buying something from the hawker centre downstairs HAHAHA.

Ate truckloads of junk throughout the day such as cream puffs, durian puffs, matcha ice-cream, popcorn, bubble tea along the way BECAUSE DIET ALWAYS STARTS TOMORROW.

This is only one example HAHA- Matcha ice-cream πŸ™‚

And after that dinner at A&W!!!


It was a really great day away from civilization, especially since I intentionally left my phone at home to “cut off connections” with the world LOL. I’m so looking forward to our next trip to Malaysia again!!! So gonna watch movies there often HAHA cheap and comfy!!! And the shopping there is cheaper than Singapore too πŸ™‚ it feels great to be in another country, even though we aren’t that far away anyway. LOL.

Thankful for my old siblings (eg brother who is TWENTY-SEVEN) because I get such cool chances OMG :’) Happy because next time I’ll be able to make my way here alone with my friends! Thanks Mom and Dad for giving birth to me last HAHAHA. And on this note, Happy Fathers’ Day to my Dad!!! πŸ™‚


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