Trying to make sense out of Econs…. when suddenly I’m feeling thankful for my life hehe. I am truly a pro at getting distracted.

I’m so blessed with such an amazing family… and most importantly,

I’m thankful to have… what you call it, a best friend? Maybe not exactly, since in my opinion best friends never last (oops I’m sorry). Someone I can call up at 3am for tuition, someone I can bitch and rant to (and about HAHAHA), someone I can insult endlessly (eg. your nose is as big as a dinosaur) and someone I can trust… I think.

I don’t know how long more this will last, but please continue to stay around and keep me happy 😀 Even though I may envy others, I’ll never trade my life for anyone else’s hehe.

Back to mugging cause mugging rocks


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