As the common tests loom nearer

This happens all the time but anyway…

ah I’m so tired of studying. I just crashed on my table for an hour…?! Slept so soundly that the ring binds from my notes are kinda carved into my skin, ewwww. What sucks most in this period is… having to deliberately miss out on exciting plans? Family’s going to Malaysia tomorrow and I want to tag along so badly… but I know a day gone can easily kill me in a week’s time. I’ll regret it if I don’t go tomorrow, but I’ll regret even more if I get sexy grades for CTs.

Then again I also regret not having started earlier… but, will you ever be sufficiently prepared for a paper?

At least being 50% prepared is better, than being 10% prepared. Yes.

Can’t wait for 4th July to come omg I’m going to finish a drama over that weekend 😀


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