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One of the plus points of RV

Chanced upon 陈老师 during one of our breaks today- and terrible Jia Wen just had to spin a story that I did very badly for HCL so I had been avoiding him (totally untrue guys).

So I finally sought assistance from him and asked whether he would be free to mark my sample 作文s so that I could be sufficiently prepared for the re-exam… Afterall, IT’S BEEN ONE YEAR WITHOUT OFFICIAL CHINESE LESSONS.

It was so heartwarming to see him smiling and readily agreeing to mark my work… telling me when he was free and when I should submit them to him. Overly-enthusiastic teacher? He doesn’t even get extra pay for helping useless students like me who have been disappointments hehe.

Just to note that he’s really busy with his Year 6s taking A Levels as well. Ah why are my teachers so nice hahaha.

This, I’m very very sure you can’t get anywhere out of RV because other people change school campuses after moving on to JC. I’m so thankful that I still get to see my secondary school teachers almost every day hehe.

Back to work 🙂


“Keep running and stay on track”

I was supposed to study so so so much this weekend… ok I studied (A LITTLE) but not as much as I had planned to do so every day 😦

There are too many impromptu plans going on in my family LOL but thank god I finished my assignments…?

I attended Jingfen Jiejie’s solemnization today!

Missed swimming lesson this morning for it- of course nothing can be more important than this event haha. It was really a small-scale event, only inviting close friends and relatives.

In this picture, I am plastered nicely in between two happy couples, whom I grew up alongside. I have vague memories of them playing with me or anything when I was really young, for they saw me through my childhood. In the little memories that I have, I do recall Jingfen Jie / Tingxi Kor mugging, yet I was annoying them to switch on the computer for me. I was a pretty problematic child… I must say.

Although we are not blood-related, I feel so happy to see them entering another stage of their lives. It’s akin to seeing my siblings get married 🙂 Uncle and Auntie are approaching the retirement age steadily, and once again it scares me because it does remind me that I’m quickly stepping into adulthood. Uncle told me that he’d sponsor the buffet for my 21st birthday. How long ago will that be… or rather, will it arrive too quickly?

Wedding dinner in November, it doesn’t seem too far away but then again I recall that I’d be done with PW, HCL re-exam by then. 🙂 Looking forward to it then!

Went home to rest and got bugged awake by my siblings asking me whether I would like some Dim Sum tonight.. how could you say no to good food?

And so I stepped out of house in the same attire HAHAHA.

dimsum w siblings july 28 '13 - Copy
Dim Sum + dessert all the way at Bugis. I sure know how to enjoy life HAHAHA.

I am so thankful for the Monday 9am start of school because it does chase away Monday blues really well! I can return home at 11pm gleefully knowing that I’d still get sufficient sleep even if I don’t turn in as early as usual weekdays (Tue-Fri), because I only have to wake up at 7.50am 🙂 Talk about happiness on a Sunday night!

Once in a while I read Daniel Wong’s book “How To Be A Happy Student” to keep myself motivated… (i.e. just now) sounds ludicrous but yes I pick it up every now and then to reflect upon whether my life has been really fulfilling.

I wouldn’t say that everything I’m doing now is leading up to / what I really want, but I guess most of them are in line with my life purposes and goals. At least I’m doing most of the things I care for and strongly desire.

I must say the book has been a well-spent $11 🙂

Wake up calls

At least three teachers walked into our class today- telling us about our grades and how much we need to buck up.

They were really effective though, the moment I came home I got started on an exam timetable… particularly focusing on the subjects I’m weakest at.

anything related to sch work - Copy

Let’s just say… I was mistaken when I was telling others Geography is like taking 2 subjects. IT’S LIKE TAKING THREE OMG.

So sick of doing badly, so sick of receiving disappointing test scores, so sick of failing Econs (I’ve never gotten a grade past U this whole year), so sick of teachers asking me what happened to me.

Let’s hope these efforts pay off- oh wait, let’s hope my timetable works 🙂 Just a rough gauge so that I know…. how muchlittle time I have left.

I need to quit my social life, apparently I was told that my social life is at its peak for a JC student HAHA. I’m happy about it, but I shall not let that affect my grades! Looking forward to dramas after Promos- I shall make sure I watch dramas with Chinese subtitles HAHA. Yesssssss I still have HCL 😦 Time check: 54 days to Promos.

I guess I’ll be slightly less active on social platforms… I HOPE.

I might sound very stupid/ridiculous saying this, but I got 10/25 for my Econs essay omg.

IT’S THE FIRST TIME I’VE GOTTEN DOUBLE DIGIT NO MATTER WHAT THE OVERALL MARK IS HAHA. 7/20, 9/25, 8/30, all my previous horrible test scores!!!!!

It’s actually very encouraging HAHA omg I’m mad.

112th NCC Day Parade

The week went by pretty quickly, because I was catching my drama ahahaha

AND IT ENDED. Omg 我的如意狼君 is so nice I cried so b a d l y omg HAHAHA I was sitting in my chair trying so hard to suppress the tears cause it was so embarrassing… BUT DAMN IT HAHAHA I just burst out in tears LOL and my brother took a video wt.


I suspect I have a thing for Raymond(s)- Raymond Lam, then Raymond Wong… HAHAHA. Edina was telling me that she feels very very sad cause Raymond Wong is so handsome and yet he has to be evil… and I was like “handsome meh”.

Then true enough you slowly get attached to the person in the drama… AND OMG HAHAHA SIAO WHY IS HE SO OLD YET SO HANDSOME LOL. It’s crazy cause most TVB actors are already pretty old (youngest “hot” actor is probably… Bosco at 33, RAYMOND LAM at 34, HAHA.

I’ll miss this drama, I really will 🙂 10.30pm every night LOL. Actually I’m watching a repeat cause I didn’t catch this drama back in Sec 4, I chanced upon it luckily hehe. And it’s really god 🙂

Ok back to the point, I had a pretty rough week… what’s with sudden additional tasks and whatnot- how was I supposed to face the fact that our reign has been long over and has become something of the past. There are so many changes now that I can’t keep up. I honestly couldn’t wait for Friday to come cause I was really looking forward to booking in, leaving all these shit back home. Had a pretty nice informal discussion with Commandant over dinner, and it struck me how so many ideals are in conflict. I love the fact that NCC was to be seen as a platform for youth empowerment though, it made me feel happy and proud to be part of this organisation. Nothing new of course 🙂

As quoted from cyberpioneer,

He added: “The NCC aims to make every cadet a leader. All cadets will be given opportunities to develop their leadership by holding developmental appointments in different NCC projects, camps and programmes. Cadets will also be encouraged to take the initiative to propose and organise events or activities for their fellow cadets.”

Echoing Mr Chan’s view was Lieutenant Colonel Yeo Yew Kuan, Commandant, NCC, who believes that “all the activities in the NCC have to be championed by the cadets themselves”.

He said: “We want to give them the platforms and avenues to showcase their leadership qualities. It is an apt time for us to step aside and into the background… so that they (the cadets) can spread their wings and fly.”

At least I know my ideals are aligned with that of Commandant’s 🙂

Slept pretty late (~2am? no longer a late owl unlike the past) and woke up pretty early too, even though I had nothing to do. I feel ashamed to say this but I spent most of the time sleeping/doing shit because my comm wouldn’t be activated till the parade itself LOL.

Didn’t get to watch the parade, didn’t get to take many pictures with others too 😦 But I’m pretty sure I’ll be part of the audience next parade. I’ll wait HAHAHA.

-ok the pathetic photos I have/took with others-

Firstly, with the sexy Jae woohoo thanks for the photo!

IMG_0886 - Copy
With the double (Sgt) Desmonds HAHAHA I remembered asking Sgt Desmond’s brother why he was here, and he said “His camp more fun than my camp” HAHAHA

I guess being posted to NCC has many of its benefits, such that you get to work with cadet officers…? Working alongside retarded people definitely keeps you sane for 2 years LOL.

And this was supposed to be an RV shot (Presley + 3 of us) THEN EVERYONE PHOTOBOMBED HAHA ok lor the only group picture I am in. The photographer was so kelian omg he couldn’t even take a good shot cause everyone kept photobombing LOL.

Ok yesterday was quite fun and I’m gonna miss it but ooooooh burnt Friday and Saturday away, didn’t finish my tutorial (NOT EVEN ONE QUESTION) during the book-in night, and it’s 57 days to Promos! Sorry teachers I’ll work on your assignments after I wake up from another nap HAHAHA.

What good is wealth without health?

At this very moment, I’m lying on my bed blissfully as I try my best… to reflect on the past year.

And with a weak smile I attempt to delude myself that I haven’t had any regrets in this year.

Let’s just say… 2013 has been a very bad year thus far. Indeed, I’ve had my good experiences, ISCEP, HQ activities, successful Red House initiatives, picking up a musical instrument after a long period of contemplation. But the year hasn’t bode as well as I expected.

Firstly, my results. For the entire year, my grades have been constantly fluctuating. I worry every single time the teachers go through the papers. I worry every single time I receive a test script to undesirable results. I worry every single time my progress report comes back. I worry every single time I face the threat of having to drop my 4H2s. I worry every time I fail to grasp a new concept in lectures and tutorials. I worry every single time I see my peers having consultations with tutors while I have absolutely no idea what to ask. I worry. Every single time. Society has molded me so much, into a person who is dictated by her grades. To a person whose intellect will be judged by her report card. To a person who has to constantly compare with others to know where she stands in the academic world. To a person whose future depends on that one piece of paper. To a person who has conceded defeat to this cruel education system, helplessly clinging on to the mad race to secure a bright future.

Secondly (and more significantly), health. It frightens me how hospital visits have become… ordinary. Just a few months ago, it was my Dad. And now, it’s my Mom. No, I don’t require any form of pity. I’m fine, they’re fine too. But I just hate how I have to worry for their health, perhaps because of age? My brother is 27, and at 17 I am the youngest child of my family. In a bid to grow up quickly, to be able to do everything my siblings can (that I still can’t), I have seemingly forgotten that they’re also aging along with me. Really quickly.

I guess early retirement is the catalyst to a sedentary lifestyle. Since childhood, I have been painted a rosy picture of retirement. Something to look forward to when you get old, to enjoy the golden years of your life with all the retirement payouts.

But why does it seem to be posing so many problems now?

I have started to take many things for granted too. In the past, we hardly went out as a family, and a simple trip to USS would take weeks of planning and loads of preparations to inform customers because my parents never took time off work. Never. 7 days a week, 8am to 11pm. My parents were so exhausted after each day I never dared bother them much, every moment spent together during the Chinese New Year holiday and selective public holidays were extremely precious. Now, we don’t even bother to spend time out together as a family anymore. Perhaps we do, but who really cares about going out together when you see one another at home every single day?

I don’t know why I’m having these late-night musings, let’s just treat this as a reflection I very much needed. I probably got inspired by Tuesdays with Morrie anyway, really happy that I managed to pick it up at the library a few days ago. Reading and watching dramas makes me feel so alive.

And for the next half of the year, may my entire family be in good health. Please.

Start of Term 3

Still in holiday mood, sorry but I’m not sorry 😦

What has happened this week? Dragging myself up from bed at 6.31am grudgingly, wondering how my holidays flew by me.

And it’s just gonna get faster.

Timeline for the year:
Mug mug mug catch up with syllabus
NDP 2013
Submission of EOM
WR Drafts
Chem SPA
Teachers’ Day
September Holidays
Intensive PW
HCL Re-exam (deserve it for slacking last year LOL, sigh hope I could get a better grade this time? At least a B3 I guess…)

Interesting: I went to the 冲上云霄2 见面会 with Yixin HAHAHA.

Got to see Chilam Cheung after so many years- awww brings me back to my childhood when I watched Point of No Return in Primary 2 or something! Also, Myolie Wu and Ron Ng hehehe. Looking forward to the show, but I guess I’ll have to wait a few months for it because I don’t think I’m going to pay for the channel just to watch it 😦

He’s 42, but as I said, he really looks like 22 HAHA. SAVE ME, I can’t believe he has a son already LOL.

NDP NE Show 1 with my group- Red 3! So thankful to be allocated to Red Sector actually, wahahaha. If I’ve met problematic spectators, the other sectors have probably seen much worse.

With my siblings whom I gave my tickets for NE Show 1 to! The inefficiency and everything ticked me off so bad, ugh let’s not mention how I made a wasted trip to SCAPE on Wednesday, some people really think that we have all the time in the world.

On the way home we were just talking bull as usual and my sister brought up the fact that we’re actually really close…? Coupled with the fact that, they’re old. Both of them already have a share of the GST rebates! Let’s just say, I’m the only one in the family who isn’t 21 yet. Honestly, most siblings I know treat one another like crap… and the existence of their siblings doesn’t really mean much to them. This is really cheesy but my siblings mean a lot to me. It’s interesting how we would go watch movies together, go Malaysia together, go NDP together (3 goodie bags in the house LOL), go food hunting together, and so much more duh.

I am actually really thankful that my siblings are a bunch of retards that can reduce themselves to my age and converse with this young one 🙂 Once again greatest thanks to my parents who gave birth to me last HAHAHA. Or else I might have been the oldest child that has to pay for my little siblings’ food all the time 🙂 Thanks bro HAHAHA.

Greatest 5-day break

I can’t properly express how my heart has been brimming with happiness these days. Earlier on during the holidays, I guess most of us could hardly enjoy ourselves due to the looming common tests. It feels like the sunshine after the rain HAHA.

What I’ve done these days besides the previous posts:

Concert with my girls

yifei concert
Thanks Yifei for the invitation hehe it was a great night with 4G omg :’) These girls that I miss so so so much hahaha.

NDP 2013 CR3

I am still very glad that I signed up hehe. Gonna miss NE Show 2 for NCC Day Parade, but ah, 4 more parades to enjoy myself hahaha. Hope I won’t be burnt out cause it’s undeniably quite tiring LOL. With my VIP concourse friends 🙂 Next few weeks I’m gonna be resumed at the platform as an usher again!

Extremely glad to have the NDP pass- I can go anywhere LOL. Thus I went to look for Yixin, Xiaoqi and Ian when they were at the platform HAHAHA slacked around before returning. There was nothing much to do during the show anyway 🙂

Smuggled home so much free bread I looked like an auntie at the market. Wah my sister seriously needs to give me a best sister award LOL.

Adventure Cove

ONCE AGAIN, went to Adventure Cove on Youth Day with my 4G girls haha! Although it was just a small group of us, the craziest people were here LOL. Met for early breakfast at 8.45am, I am pretty amazed that I woke up actually HAHA.

I guess this is customary at the entrance? LOL

We spent like 90% of the time queuing cause some rides needed a 1 to 2 hours waiting time, notably the snorkelling. We were halfway through the queue for some ride when it started raining really heavily. All rides were suspended and we were told to seek shelter 😦 We left the place anyway, to go for lunch. We dropped 2 drinks in total that day (one of them was me oops), the KFC staff thought we were trolling and refused to replace our 2nd drink?! Whattt I remember Sarah’s comment “But this is not colluding” LOL.

Super YOLO because Edina and Jolyn didn’t bring extra clothes hence they paraded around Sentosa in a swimsuit hehehe. Luckily I had extra clothing!

Ended the day with a last ride- which incidentally was our first ride and the best ride there I guess! Left the place at around 7 for our BBQ seafood dinner at Pasir Panjang 🙂

Ok iPhone 4 front camera is terrible vegetable but that’s still better than not having a front camera. WE ATE LIKE BEASTS HAHAHA I am so proud of us! I am usually very self-conscious of the portion I take when it’s shared food, but everyone there ate like hungry beasts so… IT’S JUST HOPPING ON THE BANDWAGON HAHAHA.

Went home to my drama (and I’m still waiting for the next 2 episodes tonight hehe)

School-based NCC Day Parade was today! Unfortunately it got cancelled because of the slippery floor- everyone’s hearts must have sunk when the teacher was like “EVERYONE GO BACK TO CLASS, MORNING ASSEMBLY IS CANCELLED” woah… Oh well. Went through the parade proceedings anyway! We could have our own parade since there was no lightning risk 🙂 Headed for breakfast afterwards with Yixin Jiawei Jiawen at 9am hahaha what is life!

SO SO SO HAPPY AND CONTENT with life after these 5 days! Not considering some elements of this long weekend of course- such as this afternoon when I was told to go back to school after I returned home zzz. I’m not ready for the school term yet… 😦 10 more weeks to Promos ugh why does it draw near so quickly?