End of CTs

“At the end of the year, when you realise that you can barely hit the promotion criteria, don’t come to me making even more empty promises and begging me to give you more marks to pass.

Because I won’t.”

Sigh. These days I have been thinking about which H2 subject to drop, because I probably won’t be allowed to continue with 4H2s anymore.

50% has been over and done with 😦

Promos are in like what…. 10 weeks?! Sigh… What and exciting life of mine. I chose the JC life anyway, so I should suck it up I guess.

Omg I’m tearing as I’m thinking about this. All the teachers are so freaking nice to me- to be honest I think they have no clue why I’m doing badly as well.

Math, I practised really hard and I guess my teacher knows that I do most (yeap I’m sorry to say it’s not all, only most :() of my tutorials, always looking out for me cause the majority of questions spew out from me…
Geog, I screwed my tests (Physical + Human) up so badly the previous time, was even approached to ask if I wanted consultation and not forgetting “Hui Ping what happened”,
Chem, always being looked out for in class for my endless questions…
Most importantly: Econs. I got U for both Econs tests- but my teacher helped me so much. Class participation, both terms I got saved to an E (not very glamorous but much better anyway).

But all these endless help by the teachers can’t save me forever. No one’s gonna be by my side during the As. I need to study smarter, not to mention harder.



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