Post-post CTs

My Physics khakis are done with their papers wheehee, that’s the end for them! Grassy’s still having her last paper on Tuesday though, all the best my ELL/CSC/History (yes I come from an extremely rojak class wanna know more?) classmates!

Milo Youth Triathlon 2013
Arrived slightly late that day- cut the queue for bicycle collection cause we were the earliest flag-off. I didn’t manage to sleep early that night- cause of my screwed up body clock HAHA. Ended up only having 4 hours of sleep LOL and I haven’t ran since…. NAPFA re-run, which happens to be about 2.5 months ago HAHA. The only thing I did is swim every Sunday… with kids. 🙂 Guess how prepared I was for the event.

Flagged off the swim at about 8am?

MY SWIMMING WAS THE SLOWEST HAHAHAHA. Gong the fastbull chiong-ed and won all the guys. Manly Gong! While I play the snail and 帮别人垫底 LOLOL. I didn’t know you couldn’t see through in open water- guess how shocked I was when I dipped my head into the water in the first time and found that it was MURKY. OH GOD LOL. I was swimming even slower and slower every 100m, cause I kept thinking “Omg need conserve energy for 2.4km and the 9km cycle” LOL.

Embarrassment = me. And that Gong had to wait for me for BOTH the cycling and running HAHAHA. Ok shall not go into too much embarrassing details anymore woohoo

Looking all red cause I JUST finished the run- while Gong probably finished about an hour before me or something HAHAHA no la no la I’M NOT THAT BAD OK AT LEAST I COMPLETED IT HAHAHA.

Post CTs!

Chilled at Ben&Jerry yesterday, so coincidental cause I met 5 NCC people along the way LOL. Lifang, Xiaoqi, Samuel, and subsequently Prafful and Brandon ate at the same Ben & Jerry’s!!! So coincidental cause there were only 2 tables occupied that day- one of them was occupied by us, and the other was occupied by them.

The world is seriously too small HAHA.

Went out with 4G girls today again- ok just the 6 of us but it was a great time nevertheless hehe. Thanks Yifei for the invitation! Ah she has the pictures but I guess it’s not gonna be up… yet.

Life’s been pretty amazing recently- playing dramas everywhere, busying myself with so many things just like the first week of the holidays. Tomorrow’s CR3 and the first NDP event for volunteers at Marina Bay- let’s hope it’ll be a blast! 🙂


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