Greatest 5-day break

I can’t properly express how my heart has been brimming with happiness these days. Earlier on during the holidays, I guess most of us could hardly enjoy ourselves due to the looming common tests. It feels like the sunshine after the rain HAHA.

What I’ve done these days besides the previous posts:

Concert with my girls

yifei concert
Thanks Yifei for the invitation hehe it was a great night with 4G omg :’) These girls that I miss so so so much hahaha.

NDP 2013 CR3

I am still very glad that I signed up hehe. Gonna miss NE Show 2 for NCC Day Parade, but ah, 4 more parades to enjoy myself hahaha. Hope I won’t be burnt out cause it’s undeniably quite tiring LOL. With my VIP concourse friends πŸ™‚ Next few weeks I’m gonna be resumed at the platform as an usher again!

Extremely glad to have the NDP pass- I can go anywhere LOL. Thus I went to look for Yixin, Xiaoqi and Ian when they were at the platform HAHAHA slacked around before returning. There was nothing much to do during the show anyway πŸ™‚

Smuggled home so much free bread I looked like an auntie at the market. Wah my sister seriously needs to give me a best sister award LOL.

Adventure Cove

ONCE AGAIN, went to Adventure Cove on Youth Day with my 4G girls haha! Although it was just a small group of us, the craziest people were here LOL. Met for early breakfast at 8.45am, I am pretty amazed that I woke up actually HAHA.

I guess this is customary at the entrance? LOL

We spent like 90% of the time queuing cause some rides needed a 1 to 2 hours waiting time, notably the snorkelling. We were halfway through the queue for some ride when it started raining really heavily. All rides were suspended and we were told to seek shelter 😦 We left the place anyway, to go for lunch. We dropped 2 drinks in total that day (one of them was me oops), the KFC staff thought we were trolling and refused to replace our 2nd drink?! Whattt I remember Sarah’s comment “But this is not colluding” LOL.

Super YOLO because Edina and Jolyn didn’t bring extra clothes hence they paraded around Sentosa in a swimsuit hehehe. Luckily I had extra clothing!

Ended the day with a last ride- which incidentally was our first ride and the best ride there I guess! Left the place at around 7 for our BBQ seafood dinner at Pasir Panjang πŸ™‚

Ok iPhone 4 front camera is terrible vegetable but that’s still better than not having a front camera. WE ATE LIKE BEASTS HAHAHA I am so proud of us! I am usually very self-conscious of the portion I take when it’s shared food, but everyone there ate like hungry beasts so… IT’S JUST HOPPING ON THE BANDWAGON HAHAHA.

Went home to my drama (and I’m still waiting for the next 2 episodes tonight hehe)

School-based NCC Day Parade was today! Unfortunately it got cancelled because of the slippery floor- everyone’s hearts must have sunk when the teacher was like “EVERYONE GO BACK TO CLASS, MORNING ASSEMBLY IS CANCELLED” woah… Oh well. Went through the parade proceedings anyway! We could have our own parade since there was no lightning risk πŸ™‚ Headed for breakfast afterwards with Yixin Jiawei Jiawen at 9am hahaha what is life!

SO SO SO HAPPY AND CONTENT with life after these 5 days! Not considering some elements of this long weekend of course- such as this afternoon when I was told to go back to school after I returned home zzz. I’m not ready for the school term yet… 😦 10 more weeks to Promos ugh why does it draw near so quickly?


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