112th NCC Day Parade

The week went by pretty quickly, because I was catching my drama ahahaha

AND IT ENDED. Omg 我的如意狼君 is so nice I cried so b a d l y omg HAHAHA I was sitting in my chair trying so hard to suppress the tears cause it was so embarrassing… BUT DAMN IT HAHAHA I just burst out in tears LOL and my brother took a video wt.


I suspect I have a thing for Raymond(s)- Raymond Lam, then Raymond Wong… HAHAHA. Edina was telling me that she feels very very sad cause Raymond Wong is so handsome and yet he has to be evil… and I was like “handsome meh”.

Then true enough you slowly get attached to the person in the drama… AND OMG HAHAHA SIAO WHY IS HE SO OLD YET SO HANDSOME LOL. It’s crazy cause most TVB actors are already pretty old (youngest “hot” actor is probably… Bosco at 33, RAYMOND LAM at 34, HAHA.

I’ll miss this drama, I really will 🙂 10.30pm every night LOL. Actually I’m watching a repeat cause I didn’t catch this drama back in Sec 4, I chanced upon it luckily hehe. And it’s really god 🙂

Ok back to the point, I had a pretty rough week… what’s with sudden additional tasks and whatnot- how was I supposed to face the fact that our reign has been long over and has become something of the past. There are so many changes now that I can’t keep up. I honestly couldn’t wait for Friday to come cause I was really looking forward to booking in, leaving all these shit back home. Had a pretty nice informal discussion with Commandant over dinner, and it struck me how so many ideals are in conflict. I love the fact that NCC was to be seen as a platform for youth empowerment though, it made me feel happy and proud to be part of this organisation. Nothing new of course 🙂

As quoted from cyberpioneer,

He added: “The NCC aims to make every cadet a leader. All cadets will be given opportunities to develop their leadership by holding developmental appointments in different NCC projects, camps and programmes. Cadets will also be encouraged to take the initiative to propose and organise events or activities for their fellow cadets.”

Echoing Mr Chan’s view was Lieutenant Colonel Yeo Yew Kuan, Commandant, NCC, who believes that “all the activities in the NCC have to be championed by the cadets themselves”.

He said: “We want to give them the platforms and avenues to showcase their leadership qualities. It is an apt time for us to step aside and into the background… so that they (the cadets) can spread their wings and fly.”

At least I know my ideals are aligned with that of Commandant’s 🙂

Slept pretty late (~2am? no longer a late owl unlike the past) and woke up pretty early too, even though I had nothing to do. I feel ashamed to say this but I spent most of the time sleeping/doing shit because my comm wouldn’t be activated till the parade itself LOL.

Didn’t get to watch the parade, didn’t get to take many pictures with others too 😦 But I’m pretty sure I’ll be part of the audience next parade. I’ll wait HAHAHA.

-ok the pathetic photos I have/took with others-

Firstly, with the sexy Jae woohoo thanks for the photo!

IMG_0886 - Copy
With the double (Sgt) Desmonds HAHAHA I remembered asking Sgt Desmond’s brother why he was here, and he said “His camp more fun than my camp” HAHAHA

I guess being posted to NCC has many of its benefits, such that you get to work with cadet officers…? Working alongside retarded people definitely keeps you sane for 2 years LOL.

And this was supposed to be an RV shot (Presley + 3 of us) THEN EVERYONE PHOTOBOMBED HAHA ok lor the only group picture I am in. The photographer was so kelian omg he couldn’t even take a good shot cause everyone kept photobombing LOL.

Ok yesterday was quite fun and I’m gonna miss it but ooooooh burnt Friday and Saturday away, didn’t finish my tutorial (NOT EVEN ONE QUESTION) during the book-in night, and it’s 57 days to Promos! Sorry teachers I’ll work on your assignments after I wake up from another nap HAHAHA.


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